What does it take for a car to get 100 mpg? No one wants to lose to college kids 2 days ago   07:36

Casey's Top 5 Car Stories:
This Viper got me kicked out of town - https://ufl.ae/videow/2mo60wi8aua
Building your own Batmobile - https://ufl.ae/videow/hNlMA8DdU1e
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Casey Putsch (https://www.youtube.com/putsch1) loves cars as much as anyone can but he knows the industry has to change. He set out to see how efficient and sustainable he could build a car and this has been the result.

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Some Manufacturers are trying.
The VW XL1 for example: 260mpg in hybrid mode 120mpg while running on diesel alone.....
Brian Schell
I’ve gotta say, since the last election, I’ve seen GM and ford announce millions worth of changes to US plants in order to build electric vehicles 🤷🏻‍♂️
Stacy Gifford
Shit, I've already built a 100mpg car
Keith Foor
Keep in mind that Henry Ford, Nicola Tesla, and many other great inventors of the past started in similar garages, and built great things that significantly changed our lives. The concept of what you are doing with the idea that you have to start with nothing and bring the idea to life from the ground up with no preconceived notion or what it SUCH be,or how to accomplish the task is the best way to solve the initial "problem" of a 'green' or sustainable vehicle that is fuel efficient. I have many times considered the idea of a hybrid that was diesel electric with a battery system that could also be charged off utility power but would also sit and charge while parked with the diesel power plant that was small and very efficient.
could have left out the 1st minute and a 1/2, dick!
TheHilarious GoldenChariot
Then why does my car get 16-27 mpg
I now would put this guy on par with Ed (as far as engaging, fun stories well told)! Entrepreneurial spirit, goes out and gets things done (that some people would say are impossible or silly… Which makes it all the more awesome) and has a great sense of humor and a childlike quality all at the same time!

As a side note, I started getting interested in this dude when he spoke about creating that flying dinosaur thingy… Then, there was The Batmobile (OMG – so many great stories WITHIN that story) and now this! This is one dude I would love to meet someday (definitely a new hero!).
casey, you would look fine with a shaved head. let it go brother its gettin silly. i wont lie though it does complete the potentially evil genius vibe you give off.
much respect youre one of the smartest guys ive heard talk about cars and the physics involved with all of the moving parts. thanks for sharing the story.
Esteban Campos
What kills me is the fact that big businesses kill true innovation. Our planet could have had "UFO'S " by now but they suppress anything that can stop the flow of cash into thier wallets. Our true potential was lost a long time ago.
Eduardo Alvarez
Make a video of it
Romeo Chivu
Casey is one of the most awesome guys in the automotive industry and he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.. Greetings and respect from Romania. Keep on rocking man!
That is one ugly car. Pinto, Vega and Pacer looked better.
Dillan Chung
Mate nice story but I think it’s time to shave it off and lose the hat. It’s not growing back.😂
Johnathan Waters
This is astounding. I can't believe that Casey and his car haven't gotten more attention! Nobody builds an entire damn car from scratch anymore! That alone is monumental, the knowledge, drive, hard work and dedication that it takes to make something like that is seriously intense. Ferry Porsche anyone? Respect!
Small VW Lupo Daily drivers in europe have been doing 104 UK MPG, which is 87US MPG since 1999. Maybe measure in UK gallons for this one!
talks about sustainability and being eco-friendly, then somehow insinuates that electric cars are sustainable or eco-friendly

My god this guy is either maliciously vain and jumps on the most popular fad just to inflate his own ego, or is the absolute most retarded guest you've ever had. Anyone who has ever looked into the costs of producing lithium batteries knows that the process absolutely fucking destroys the environment, and on top of that an electric car is _only_ clean if the source of electricity is clean. Two-thirds of all American electricity is either coal or natural gas, both fossil fuels. A lot of the remainder is nuclear so at least some of it is clean, but the amount of CO2 produced by a coal plant to power an electric vehicle for any distance is far more than what even a hummer puts out over the same distance. fuck electric shills and fuck illiterate soyboys who gobble EV cock like it's tofu
B.A. Performance
thats a cool concept
Is he a car guy?
Thomas Innis
Title is inaccurate
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No one wants to lose to college kids What does it take for a car to get 100 mpg? 2 days ago   12:30

Casey Putsch (IG: @caseyputsch) had a great time with the first year of Genius Garage building an Indy car but when an opportunity for a second year came up, he knew he was in for another adventure. He never expected this much adversity though. Visit http://www.geniusgarageracing.com to learn more.

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