Dana White: Luke Rockhold Jan Blachowicz reacts to KO win over Luke 1 day ago   01:11

UFC president Dana White wants to see former middleweight champion Luck Rockhold retire from fighting.

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Frisk Mall
When he went to Hollywood to hang out with what's her name and she got him to model, I knew it was over for him....
Christ’s Chin
Bisping’s got a residency in Rockhold’s head.
Tracker Pete
Well I think Dana started out talking about that knee injury suffered by Thiago. Dana must not know much about knees as that tear will cost Thiago dearly he will not fight again. I had half that damage and it ended me and I hurt it the same way not rotating my standing leg. I spend my time now working out at the gyms weight room and 25% of that is trying to keep my left leg strong. Day to day it is not the same as before the injury and I had the operation. Your knee is no longer the knee you had and in MMA fighters will pray on that left leg. It would be nuts to return to fighting.
Fazal Mayar
Dana white starts sending messages to his fighters to retire. Northcutt now rockhold
Mercurial Empire
How tf is like a model he ugly af no homo
Neal Jenneve
Im a model😇
I think Dana needs to hang it up... dudes holding the game back these days, he’s always wanted to be the REAL star.
Broke his jaw he can't take anymore hits to the face. I agree with dana on this one.
Chris T
Put him up against Anthony Smith just once, PLEASE. Then the guy that he was so arrogant about can end his career.
Mike Montgomery
Here's my take.... He's still got a few years if he does this: takes a whole year off to get on the mend fully. If not then retire
Playstation 4 pro Game experience
Dana White made it from nothing and kids!! 2 UFC!!!
Mr Mysterious
Luke was never all that great, think he thought his dumb head was cool
VOIP Portland
Bisping took his soul, Romero took his chin, Błachowicz took his career
Hans Wurst
when Dana says retire, he really means move to bellator
Joeybabbs .BABBS
lmao its bad when ur boss tells you to retire pussyis
One thing i have learnt from mma... Be humble!
baz bazzer
He's at the end of his game for this level of fighting he doesn't keep his hands up ever and his chin is completely exposed and weak its over for him
NotA Ethug
His chin has been gone a long time now, dude moved up 205??? Retire now dude, while you still have motor functionablity
Arch God
He just needs to put his hands up and stop being so cocky. He never learns and ever respects his opponents enough. He started off strong but ultimately he cannot take a solid shot and recover. He doesn’t have that inner demon in him like the other guys too. He’s a fuckin pretty boy who fucks bitches and models all day long. You don’t belong in the fight game rich boy
pushin it
How will he model now with a broken jaw?
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Jan Blachowicz reacts to KO win over Luke Dana White: Luke Rockhold 1 day ago   04:10

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