Renewable Energy in Australia, 60 Minutes, Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable 10 months ago   21:20

Touched by the Morwell Fire

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Chan Zan Yi
First thing first, australians are bloody lazy. Always finding excuses to back themselves up. How fuck up these people is
leher farooq
This video should be renamed as renewable energy storage
Fred Mauck
Make it so number one
Gokhan J. Yenigun
8:10 Fuck you for saying that!
nick dufour
Flow batteries would be better for grid storage as weight is not a factor like in cars and you have companies down under able to make them there so Aussi dollars could stay home just a thought cheers :D
Elon Musk doesn't know shit about shit. His environmental practices are dodgy, his vehicles are neither sustainable, affordable, durable, reliable or practical. Don't be fooled by his fake "Tesla" name - it has nothing to do with any real-new technology. It would take about 20+ years to pay back the cost of his batteries for home power requirements vs using a regular electricity grid.
BRITISH PREMIER , WINSTON CHURCHCHIL ONCE SAID "British sun never sets in british isle" > sun has set in british isle long ago sooner Britain had to leave stealing India's wealth ($29 trillion dollars Britain stole confessed but unconfessed amount $10trillions x200yrs=$2000 trillions. USA going the same way, loosing the superpower position.
Raul Epure
Make your own batteries, dont be stupids
Aaron Lewis
I don't get it, there's only 30 million of you and you're rolling in all sorts of natural resources. Your politicians need some serious sorting out fucking hell.
Michal Wiktorow
How on the Earth Australians did not held accountable all of those politicians for what they were saying? There should be jurisdiction they answer to? State Tribunal - some sort - where they could be put on trial? For lies, Battery is currently effectively balancing power, avoiding the blackout.
Irfan Andrian
Fuck the government! 🖕
Marcus Lex
Elon Musk's battery was a start up. If it works, the government should follow through. It seems Australians wont take a partial help. They wan the full scale up-front.
Paul hornet
This is a fake story, Australian's leccy bill is about the same as the UK. 15 to 20p per KWH.  Not cheap but common with the stale rolls for lunch.
Track Record
If we have failed liz hays say we have failed to deliver a cost effective service it could because people are wanting change in so many areas politicians take they eyes off the ball and forget about changing in areas to help every single Australian like the energy crisis
Troy Hutchinson
Biggest problem in Australia are individuals like Scott Morrison ((scoffing at a proposed solution)) and Josh Frydenberg ((His parties solution a predicted saving of a shitty $5 a week saving said with a straight face))... Australia is the worlds richest mineral deposit on earth with only 30mill mouths too feed... The scarcity is no accident, it's being artificially created, trust me!
Chris Moran
Still waiting on my Model 3 asshole
Tyler O'Connell
What a moronic comment made by Scott Morrison @5:06 (This gentleman is now our PM... scary)
@Scott Morrison please Google and read some basics on FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Services)
The battery saved consumers $35 million in 4 months!
Once again Australia has the chance to lead the world in a new industry, but the old Fossil Politicians of this country will hold us back!!
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Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable Renewable Energy in Australia, 60 Minutes, 10 months ago   13:13

China Becomes World's Largest Solar Power Producer.
Amit Ronen of GW Solar Institute talks about solar energy in China.
Tyson Slocum on renewable energy in China.
INDIA & CHINA surpasses USA on Renewable Energy.
Report finds China surpasses US in renewable energy consumption.
While U.S. moves toward coal, China betting big on solar.

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