Danger Dan Schools us on Aluminum Welding TIG Welding Aluminum Techniques Butt 2 days ago   13:25

Hoonigan Project Cars
How many jabronies does it take to build a rotary for our pit truck? Just two - two very skilled jabronies. Danger Dan and Vargas give our n/a 13b all the bells and whistles necessary for the stresses that the Worthouse boys will be throwing at this thing. AKA, lots and lots of limiter.

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Tom Wagemans
I was told in welding class to never break the tungsten. It could crack length wise. Man you save a lot of time with just snapping it off.
David Borawski
the little sizzle at 5:25 when he accidentally touches the hot oil fitting then tried to play it off.
Where the eye protection at 4:04
I feed the rod the same as dan❤️
safety first dan!

where are those safety glasses when grinding ! lol love youll and the welds will be shit if you got metal in ur eyes.bad news bears
porous not ferrous my man lol

aluminum is considered diamagnetic- material with no attracting properties to mag fields
jeffrey williams
love the smell of tig welding
Soo much to remember!!
Wind of change
a rotary truck ? man this is gonna be cool.
If you're getting a balled tungsten on an inverter machine, your frequency is too high. On an inverter tig you WANT a sharp point for aluminum. You only want your tungsten balled on an old refrigerator sized transformer machine.
That's going to be far too insane to drive... but someone will. I'm guessing Hert.
wayne hamblin
where do i get a ratchet like the one vargas is using
Adam Dmac
turbo charge the 13b. it will sound better
Brian BigKat
Vargus got that IS wagon boiiii!!!!
Fox MacLeod
I don't think "ferrous" means what you think it means, Dan. Iron, steel, typically magnetic stuff, that comes from iron ore. That's ferrous metal.
Dank Lovell
with the body kit be available for the public because there is a k truck in my town for sale and i’d cop it if the kit was available
Zero Fucks
you have forget to say to wear long sleeve shirt or welding jacket, because with tig welding you can get a really bad "sun" burn
Where is zac’s truck 😤
tata domanillo
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TIG Welding Aluminum Techniques Butt Danger Dan Schools us on Aluminum Welding 2 days ago   08:38

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This video is about tig welding aluminum techniques for butt and tee joint welds.
basic settings are 100-140 amps using foot pedal so basically what that mean is at times I am at 140 amps but also much lower when heat soaks the small practice piece.
i used nearly 140 amps but when the aluminum gets soaked with heat, I used the foot pedal to use less amperage.
AC balance set to 30% cleaning, AC frequency set to 100 hz using advanced square wave. pre flow set to 1.5 sec and postflow set to 8 sec.
3/32" 2% lanthanated electrode, and 3/32" 4943 filler metal.
4943 welds a lot like 4043 but has better overall properties than 4043.

for the butt joint, I used a #6 cup with 15cfh of argon, and for the Tee joint, I used a #8 furick pro clear cup to aid with filming the arc.
I increased the flow rate to 18 cfh for the #8 cup but all other settings were same as the butt joint.

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