The royal weddings that shaped How this young prince seized 2 days ago   06:41

To Queen Victoria, marriages were about strategic alliances.

Correction: At 5:38, the map of post-war Germany is missing eastern Prussia. The borders of Austria-Hungary should also include portions of northern Serbia and southern Poland.

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This video was produced in collaboration between Vox and BBCThree.

Over the course of her 63-year reign, Queen Victoria strategically planned marriages to place her descendants in royal families all over Europe. In doing so, she created one of the most remarkable royal families in history.

By the early 19th century, Europe had been at war for decades. After the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars killed millions, European leaders came together to restore peace by reshaping major states for a new balance of power. Great Britain went on to become one of the strongest states. And years later, Queen Victoria and her husband Albert came up with a plan to maintain that political power — they married their children to monarchs across Europe. By the 1880s Queen Victoria’s children were in several important branches of Europe’s monarchies.

The royal unions didn't play out as Queen Victoria planned, but she continued to make more matches anyway. She had 42 grandchildren, and these 7 ended up on royal thrones. Her grandchildren would end up on the thrones of Britain, Russia, Germany, Romania, Norway, and Spain leading up to the most destructive war Europe had ever seen.

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This is the second of three videos we're doing in collaboration with BBC Three, all about royal weddings! Watch the first one, that breaks down all the basics, here:
kristina 321
Who is more powerful, Queen Victoria or Mariah Theresa?
Nick Fatouris
Love the motion/animation production on these videos, so clean and clear.
Akmal Komradz
Imagine queen victoria planned worked there will be no article 13
Magnus Brown
She probably fail to realize that the bloodiest fights are always between family members
GamingWithCarl YT
I like it when Axis is friend of Allies...for a few years yet... but then Millennial, they are friends...again!
Fk the royal punks
juan reyes
Nothing more useless than monarchy
Lol and I here I thought Sissi was gonna be on this list (just finished watching the 2009 series)
Are you guys that dumb..... Vojvodina vas a part of Austria-Hungary until 1919 and on the map its a part of Serbia.
iiGodking-X Gaming
So we're all related.
Luis Breva
6:40 Not the prince but the KING of Spain.
Immer schön donken und cutten
Habsburger: Am I a joke to you?
Harald Hey
1:45 Wasn't Austria the largest and I think at that time still the strongest german state?
She pulled a Habsburg
Sinathi Kunene
Victoria was a girl with a plan👏👏👏👏👏
Jarrod Yuki
the british monarchy is a whirlpool of different genes.
Awesome Games
The 1914 map actually makes me want to blow my brains out
China did this THO7SANDS OF YEARS AGO,,,😂😂😂
We lost Europe
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How this young prince seized The royal weddings that shaped 2 days ago   04:52

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