Environmentalist explains why renewable energy Gore gets slammed over 2 days ago   04:09

Fox News
Solar and wind farms require large amounts of land and come at a high economic cost, says Michael Shellenberger, Environmental Progress president.

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Jarod Farrant
However we should invest in renewable power, heck more pole are getting jobs because of renewable energies then oil.
Pat Garrett
I am waiting for AOC to explain how to deal with the pollution brought into our skies by the clouds and storms from countries that pollute MUCH more than we do, like China?
How many shills as this one are needed to replace a lightbulb?
This guy is a sceptic.. He is a pro oil, pro coal evangelist..We humans have to change and renewables are the way towards a clean future. Small steps will make us better and we humans are good at innovation but doing nothing and waiting for a perfect solution like what this guy said on tv is absolutely wrong.
Thamus Jones
Michael 'nuclear' Shillingburger forgot that we now have battery storage so wind and solar are a go.
articulate hypocrite
Dear god where is elon musk
Brian D
No no no no, Fox news is the Jesus channel and for 20 years we've been banking on there's there's no such thing as global warming. We don't need nuclear power.
What we need to do is drill baby drill.
Even if there is global warming and our children and grandchildren suffer then we know it because Jesus is punishing them because they are awful sinners
There you go...a fake environmentalist on Fox News...very trustworthy!
Vikum Wijekoon
So nobody dies from nuclear fallout but the area is unusable for the foreseeable future for thousands of years. I mean did this guy conveniently forgot it? Fusion power is the future but this dude is forgetting stuff conveniently
Why won't micro grids work?
Timothy Cash
If you put solar panels and a wind mill on all new houses you would never need the grid.
Dig deep and you will find that the solution to the energy problem is already there. It goes back to Nikola Tesla and some other inventors.
Sadly but true, it is kept from the society so people have to use old school technique like fossile, wind, solar, water or whatever...name it.

Stay calm, cool and collected, the energy source will be public soon I think...And research ;)
Glenn MacArthur
In 2016 I heard locked was exploring a new energy technology,Nuclear Fussion reactor technology and was hoping to have a operacting reactor by 2018,so what happened,one might ask,may be you tucker!
Bruh Moment
Nuclear energy can
The Green New Deal is not even finished. Nuclear Power can still be mentioned.
Jess John
The only thing that will save the planet is if mankind goes extinct
POTUS John H Eden
Uranium fever has gone and got me down....uranium fever is spreading all around....
Military History HQ
Lmao my biology teacher who is a big environmentalist said for 10 mins why AOC is stupid and her green new deal
Just cats
Big fan of nuclear energy. It’s so much safer than other energy sources. We need to get over the Soviet era fear of nuclear
FE Ebby Lara LL&PH
You also have to clean the solar panels which wastes water.
In Chernobyl or how ever is spelled you can see people outside watering their lawns while others are in full rad gear.
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Gore gets slammed over Environmentalist explains why renewable energy 2 days ago   03:42

Environmental Economist Bjorn Lomborg on Al Gore’s prediction that 75 percent of the Arctic’s ice will be gone due to global warming.

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