Trump: 'We're building the wall Trump voter: He doesn't know 2 days ago   01:10

BBC News
President Donald Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Texas, as it emerged an agreement in principle has been reached over border security to fund the US government and avert another partial shutdown.

Speaking late on Monday, he did not say whether he would back the deal.

He told supporters who had gathered in El Paso, "we're building the wall anyway."

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J Mack
Yes, BUILD THAT WALL! The faster we get the wall built we will be saving the lives of illegals because they wont be trying to cross the river nor putting their children in the water, exposing them all to possible drowning(s). Save lives: BUILD THE WALL!
Its ASetUp remember donations to non profits are tax deductible. 🖕Democrats.
Beto Colín
vallase mucho a la verga
kimberley ives
Jose Malave
trump is right built the wall men so i could play handball men
Hector Hector
Let’s Go Trump I also am White & Racist & a Trump Supporter
YEAH! MAGA all the way!!
Byron Morataya
I go with the Spanish not the racist people
Anyone the media despises, we the people like! Because the media has an agenda too, and it’s agenda is liberalism!
Sir Loxley Mendoza
TRUMP 2020
Jose Sibrio
In the middle of the wall they are installing a giant cock so all his family can sit on and enjoy it
3.14159 1
You understand a wall won't stop anyone. drug dealers or other offenders come in planes or boats most of the time not across the border if you are escaping certain death if you go back do you think a wall will stop you. no, it won't the reason why people want it built is for the notion of feeling separate. From others, I'm all for border security but this is not the way of going about it
Matt Davis
I give up trying. Every time I try to ague with somebody about him, I end up looking like a jackass. You win Trump. your a hard man to hate.
Kale Solomon
oh oh :)
Lab Rat
The wall is to keep you in lol
fata fabucchiera
What am I seeing? A bunch of human shit
Danny Washington
I see that there are a lot of people that were born without any brain cells in the comment section.

You weirdos think that Trump is referring to a common conventional wall made from bricks and cinder block.

Trump is referring to the kind of wall that we haven't seen yet.

This wall is a space-age wall made of Iron and Steel and the wall will be electrified to 2 million volts.

A US Marine, as a demonstration, threw a telephone book at this particular wall that's about to be built fortified with 2 million volts...the telephone book exploded into flames.

I'm one of the few people walking the planet Earth that actually got to witness a protocol of what this wall will look like, it reminded me something out of Skynet Terminator.

I'm warning all you weirdos out there right now this is not going to be your typical wall it's 2019, this wall looks like something from Luke Skywalker.
Barry Kelly
How can people take this fraud seriously.
Miki Dewberry
MAGA, build the wall, don't fall for BBC/ Democratic Party Politics
Dave Roberts
El Chapo had a tunnel dug to his shower with a roller coaster. There will be 1,000 tunnels under the wall.
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Trump voter: He doesn't know Trump: 'We're building the wall 2 days ago   07:52

CNN's Ed Lavandera speaks to the people of El Paso, Texas, as President Donald Trump claims violent crime decreased in the border town because of barriers built at the US-Mexico border. #CNN #News

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