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Help us caption and translate this video on - There's this nifty little application named Sugarsync which sits on the menu bar (Mac) or task bar (PC). Sugarsync shuffles tons of data quickly from my laptop into an secure online storage and onto my workstation at the office. Fully integrated into my photography workflow; Fully on autopilot. I have to do.... nothing. Ain't that cool?
But it does not stop there. Besides making an online backup it also replicates the data to my workstation... and to the workstation of my photoshop retoucher...via internet. So the photos I take in Beijing end up pretty quick in my online storage, on my workstation in Duesseldorf and on the Mac of my retoucher in Mexico.

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Ali Awada
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Sam Dunn Creative
the one thing i like about you is that your honest about things rather than trying to sell us things and you say that you might get commision makes it feel like your not lieing to me your just stating facts
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How To Share your Paid Android Sugarsync: Online Backup for Photos 10 months ago   04:31

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