iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name! Meet Dubai's RICHEST Kid , $130 2 days ago   07:46

Marques Brownlee
iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - If you ignore the name, this is a pretty impressive phone.

iPhone 11 Impressions: https://ufl.ae/videow/KLfZekKoBRC

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SevenFoot Pelican
Phone industry has become like the car industry... so sad
dolimi jotoo
Who remembers Apple fan boys making fun of huawei mate 20 pro camera?
Still the same external build as the Iphone 6......All these folks who upgrade every year are sukkas. I had an Iphone 6 up until this month. Was gonna get the new Iphone until I saw it.....Ive switched to Android. Tired of paying all that money and getting nothing new.
Tirr rrr
If you don’t like Iphone, why bother to click?
nishit patel
Do a giveaway for iphone 11 max pro
M. N M
I thought iPhone 11 or the 11 pro would be the iphone to finally lose the notch and just have a built in camera like the sumsang galaxy s10
Good review man! Helped me not get this to my wife as she's not into cameras and that kind of stuff.
Nicks 92 videos
@3:47 you made to laugh pretty damn hard man great video man.
Rolan Cayton
When an "alleged" iPhone fanboy rant about the new iPhone then there's really something wrong...
Banz Bunny
WOW! That’s really entertaining and informative. I really like those new videos on your channel. You inspire me to
also make exiting videos on MY CHANNEL!
Shawn L
iPhone 50 will just have 15 cameras on the back and the same screen in the front haha
Junshu Liu
Green is not a creative color
Kao Saepharn
Hate the camera and matte finish. Keeping my xs max for a while. only reason I got this phone was because my 6s plus was stolen.
ocelot k
Yeah I’m skipping two and three gens to get a sizable upgrade. So I’m up for one.
Joe Blow
So you're saying there is no real updates other than a minimal lens addition and some texture? So why should anyone buy something that is essentially the same as the previous version?
I have to have an iPhone Xr for work and though decent, it doesn't even compete with my OnePlus 6, which is crap compared to the OnePlus 7 pro or Huawei Mate 30 pro.
I can't change anything on the iPhone, and for someone that cherishes autonomy, I want to always throw the iPhone away.
People should stop buying the new iphone every year to force Apple to make meaningfull changes between generations
kido steve
Ugly iPhone ever. Very disappointed with apple with this horrible design.
Stevie J
Here’s the problem - I use apple and pretty much always have. I agree that they haven’t really done anything great in the last 3-5 years for their phones. However, my whole life is pretty much associated with an apple iPhone

My passwords, my notes, my photos etc etc. All that stuff is on there and on the cloud. Therefore, since I’m not savvy enough to switch everything out, me and millions of others like me, keep going back.. just because it’s the easy thing to do. I’m still using an 8 though and don’t plan on upgrading until it dies.
What an utter waste of money. You can get a GH5 for about the same money and use a flip phone to call your friends. Same result.
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Meet Dubai's RICHEST Kid , $130 iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name! 2 days ago   13:48

thank you to @bardia_eshghi_ on instagram for showing us around
also my boy @1ahmadr the plug :P

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