Nightly News Full Broadcast Bill and Melinda Gates reveal 1 day ago   17:29

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Government shutdown looms with funding deadline days away, Virginia Gov. Northam says he’s ‘not going anywhere,’ and in divided Venezuela, opposition leader Guaido pledges to let U.S. aid enter.
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Nightly News Full Broadcast (February 10th) | NBC Nightly News

Comments 334 Comments

Impeach Trump!
DR. Robert
And it's called it the "White House?" It should be called the "black house!" The humble abode of Trump's predecessors has been darkened by his nefarious ways and must be purged come 2020! Trump's got to go y'all.
Orphfin The Wizard
Virginia is a very racist place. A state where slaves came to America. Just imagine that.

Ubi is bs, that should be for Black people only. For the next 500 year's.
Sunday Weiss
Criminals have basic needs, death, or decency.
Sunday Weiss
Escape get real. Money changers, nothing over.
Bo Hunter
andre mckenzie
He said" indentured servants from Africa " this dude is an idoit. Omg
He apologized I really think that is enough,...let him do his job
Give the lounge lizard nothing. Start scrubbing toilets lizard breath! Earn your keep.
Nanette Sohacki
I hate trump
Karmatin King Chameleon
"You ain't go nowhere. Woo whee, ride me high tomorrow's the day when my bride's gonna come. we gonna fly, down to the easy chair.
yo fav catleena
His racist photo is okay it's our Racist President Trumps fault! And so is everything else apparently too our liberal Democrat citizens.
big dog
northam can you still moonwalk? just kidding no really dont.
For the Love of my peoples 4life
It is amazing how all of the sudden we have a trend with these women coming forward 10 15 20 30 40 50 years later accusing a man of a heinous crime this should not happen and it should not be allowed these women's need to be locked up put in jail with no bail until the truth comes out yeah I said it
Peter H
Shutdown for 31 days to lay-off 70% of gov employees who are absolutely useless.
Digital Bullet
Deep State paying Women off to claim victim to Sexual Assault in order to get Candidates thrown off elections - Wake up people
"id give it a 50/50 chance we find a deal". thats not a prediction
Patricia Speicher
He needs to Go and Go fast.
Elisabeth Arana
This has nothing to do with uranium? All this is because Gov. Northam's position is against the uranium deal? I'm wondering why is all this happening precisely right now... Lucrative deal uranium destroying Virginia's landscape and a Gov. against the uranium deal... Make sense!
Omer Shomrat
I know very little about Venezuela, but alongside with certain clear evidence of Maduro being purely a dictator (like... Him canceling the Parliament after the opposition won a majority, and creating instead a new parliament where his proponents are the majority), there is also a common sense issue: Maduro is president since 2013. In 2014 Venezuela's inflation rate got to 69%, earning Venezuela the title of "the country with the highest inflation rate in the world". Anyway, 69% is a wet dream for Venezuela today, since their inflation rate in 2018 was... Hold tight... 1,700,000%. That is... 1.7 million percent. In comparison, Norway's inflation in 2018 was 2.3%.

Venezuela's current inflation rate means that if today you have in your home's vault 1,000 bolivar soberano (the new Venezuelan currency), you really better take them out of your vault and buy something real with this paper money, because if you try to save that money for, let's say, a year, you'd end up at the end of those 12 months with something that's worth 0.1 bolivar soberanos. And that's under the unrealistic assumption that the 1.7 million percent inflation won't increase (whereas the estimates are that it would dramatically increase, possibly to 10 million percent).

Is there any example in history for a truly democratic country with even a 10-times less disastrous inflation in which the leader wasn't replaced? I find it hard to believe that any people of a real democracy would choose to stick with the guy who gets their money to literally worth less than the paper and ink it consists of.
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Bill and Melinda Gates reveal Nightly News Full Broadcast 1 day ago   07:33

Since the Gates Foundation was formed in 2000 by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, it has paid out more than $45 billion in grants, supporting work in more than 130 countries. Their work addresses issues like vaccine delivery, family planning and emergency response. First on “CBS This Morning,” the Gates are revealing their 11th annual letter highlighting nine things they didn't see coming.

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