TOOL - Pneuma (Audio) Korn - Somebody Someone (Official 2 days ago   11:55

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Michael Wilson
Honestly this the best song on the Album
Dressed In Beans
Great! Combines 2001 Tool with 90’s Tool. What a dream.
I really feel like I need a snake or some acid while listening to the new Tool album Does anyone have a snake 🐍 I can barrow?
ishwor Poudel
It's fucking awesome as always
от KuJi Podcast 38
Alex Monro
I like 'build to a climax' songs like this. Also the drums are just ridiculous
Chaotic Neutral
I think I'm back on the right timeline
Dominic Jackson
this is one of the best tool songs ever
Csilla Balogh
My boss showed me Tool 3 years ago.
I guess I owe him a lot!
Regz Zuse
1:18 Look , if you had, one shot, or one opportunity...
Steven Penley
Steven Penley
Favorite TOOL song= PUSHIT!!!
this reminds me of trick or treating in 1994 because it just does ok.
Thaddeus Stanton
Whoever disliked anything TooL disserves a punch in the dick!!!
Gaz Jam
So fucking fantastic to hear you again. Thank you.
Ray in Berkeley
I love how people rail on Tool for having songs that are longer than usual music. This may come as a shock, but this was common once upon a time to have songs that were longer than three minutes. Look at early Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and other such bands, and you'll see 7 or 8 minute songs were common.

Before they all sold out and are doing 3 minute ditties with verse, chorus, verse, repeat chorus, solo, repeat chorus formats, so they can get on the radio in between impotence medication commercials.

So someone out there is still making real music, and you're not making fun of all the other idiots who aren't?
Larry Coffey
nov 2 in indy see you their
emmanuel de la cruz
Some fresh air kids this summer
Hey Tool management: could ya maybe, i dunno, MAKE MORE ALBUMS TO SELL??!! The band sells out shows in the 1st hour for nearly 20 years... was a massive purchase spike after waiting 13 years a surprise to you?? Jeebus. THIS is why some people can't help but resort to other methods, when legitimate paths are limited or behind paywalls. Sort your life out.
Super Park
I love the whole song but 9:20 is my favorite part
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Korn - Somebody Someone (Official TOOL - Pneuma (Audio) 2 days ago   03:54

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I can't stand to let you win.
I'm just watching you.
And I don't know what to do.
Feeling like a fool inside.
Feeling all the hurt you hide.
Thought you were my friend.
Seems it never ends.
I need somebody someone.
Can't somebody help me.
All I need is to be.
Loved just for me.

Giving you this and that.
Giving gave nothing back.
It's all related to.
All the things I do.
Feeling like a fool inside.
Seeing all the things you tried.
I am nothing.

#Korn #SomebodySomeone #Vevo

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