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Emile Ghessen
In 2014, large demonstrations across Ukraine started in protest against the Ukrainian President. During the first stages of the unrest, Russia forces annexed Crimea. Pro-Russian separatists rose up in the eastern region of Donbass which soon turned into an armed conflict between Separatists loyal to Russia and Ukrainian forces.

As the country was in conflict, internationals volunteers travelled to the region to take up arms in the conflict for both sides.

Emile Ghessen a former Royal Marines Commando now documentary filmmaker, travels to Ukraine to meet these international volunteers and find out why they want to fight in someone else's war. This is the second in the Robin Hood Complex documentary series. The first documentary saw Emile filming with international volunteers fighting in Iraq and Syria.

This is a raw eye-opening documentary and is a must seen.

Emile known for his direct, blunt and honest interview technique gets to the root of the reason.

First in the series:

Robin Hood Complex - The Fight Against Islamic State.




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Marcus Herrod
I half agree with the norwegian - but if politicians were mostly blind puppets the whole systum will collapse. its civillians who elect them into power. theyre no different than most MPs
I'm from Ukraine. From Donbas. Glory to Ukraine! death to russian occupants!!!
Mike the kidd
Im just a 13 year old hungarian kid and i support ukrain.
Lord Christ bless your great people in east Ukraine May there be Peace...
Juanf Gonzalez
Fuck Russia
Really interesting coverage shows its never truely good vs bad out there who would want to fight for a 'bad' side think about it.
prive ik ben wie ik ben
i a from holland and support russia the western world is focked up! so i understand they don't want to be part of it.
Very well done.
I have a question for all who reads it!

In the night in the trenches ... is it possible I mean can it happen ? Because it would scare me... what if some of the “Russians” out of the tree line would sneak forward to the Ukraine trenches and wait for them with silenced weapons and go run the trenches !? How do you occupy and hold those trenches safe !? Please respond
noah N
Both sides are bad, poland is the real good guys. If only poland would swoop in and take donbas for themselves
Frank Jomungle
The amount of autistic pilled Wikipedia editors and Russian robot shill comments is really out of proportion on this video
Andrzej Zakrzewski
Very good coverage, interesting!
Mr Longbone
How much military experience does anyone have before they join any military?
Mr Longbone
How do I go there?
Bogdan Mihailovic
This is idiotic situation slavs killing slavs strangers come with out any military experience in feald come to be killed by gerila fighter born in 6 yars of war
Fantastic work dude
An American fighting for Ukrainian Mercenaries against the Civilian Militants who are protecting their homes and families and saying it's for "freedom"! That bitch is a disgrace to true American Patriots who know that this whole conflict was backed by Obama and corrupt Government and Oligarchs with stolen tax money.
Tusk Бивень
So many RT brainless bots here...
eugene z
You need to check your facts and stop listening to western propaganda. Georgia started bombing South Ossetian civilians and Russia saves them, this is why Georgian x President sakashvilli is wanted for war crimes in Georgia. He became governor of Odessa because he is a western puppet and Ukrainian government started ATO after CIA directors visit. Get off the western fake medias dick
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Europe's forgotten war: on both Ukraine - Europe's Forgotten War: 2 days ago   13:11

Channel 4 News had unique access to both sides of the front line in Ukraine’s civil war.

Filmmaker Paddy Wells spent several weeks filming with both the pro-Russian separatists and the pro-government forces – both of whom are firing into the distance at an enemy they never see.

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