Ukraine - Europe's Forgotten War: The Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilizations that Vanished 1 day ago   1:30:14

Emile Ghessen
In 2014, large demonstrations across Ukraine started in protest against the Ukrainian President. During the first stages of the unrest, Russia forces annexed Crimea. Pro-Russian separatists rose up in the eastern region of Donbass which soon turned into an armed conflict between Separatists loyal to Russia and Ukrainian forces.

As the country was in conflict, internationals volunteers travelled to the region to take up arms in the conflict for both sides.

Emile Ghessen a former Royal Marines Commando now documentary filmmaker, travels to Ukraine to meet these international volunteers and find out why they want to fight in someone else's war. This is the second in the Robin Hood Complex documentary series. The first documentary saw Emile filming with international volunteers fighting in Iraq and Syria.

This is a raw eye-opening documentary and is a must seen.

Emile known for his direct, blunt and honest interview technique gets to the root of the reason.

First in the series:

Robin Hood Complex - The Fight Against Islamic State.




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american volonteers fighting for FREE for ukraine!? pls.
Nuno Pereira
If they say they are Russians they are Russian and no one has to stop them from being Russians people command not the politics
Tickey Horseman
A friend of mine here in the UK is a British Airways Pilot and he told me that Malaysia airlines flight 370 was stolen and used as a sitting duck in this war , to get Russia to shoot it down.
Alek Shukhevych
The ending really fealt like the author of this doc was glorifying the Russian side..
Edmon Dantes
Regarding the Georgia terrorist uneducated idiots....Ossetia and Abchazia declared independence on Georgia in 1992 . Anyhow the war for independence from Georgia against terrorist Georgian army backed by faacist United Shitholes of Assholes and CIA started at 1991. In 2008 the Georgian terrorist started fire on Ossetian civilians as they normaly did. Anyhow at the same time fired on Russian soldiers from United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia established at 1993 and placed to Ossetia and Abchazia to keep the ceasefire violations, withdrawal of Georgian terrorist troops from Abchazia etc. After attac on Russian peace forces under UN Russia was starting claim the situation in UN , security councile etc. with no effect as ususal if you deal against imperial interests of fascist USA and their vasals. So the attack and the real start of the war was the situation when the Georgian goatfuckers killed Russian soldiers - UN observers. As it is obvious the Georgian terrorist government was and still is supported by USA fascists trying to instal their own terror organization NATO closest as poosiible to Russia. And the fate of this god chosen garbage fascist Bari Whatewer who probably made suicide is what he deserved for killing , looting for money and greed.
Edmon Dantes
A stupid british asshole filming a propaganda sponsored by fascist british government. The facts: 1. Crimea was part of Russia since 1783 . Then due to administrative reasons transfered to Ukraine in 1954 during period of USSR.
2. Crimea was Autonomous republic of Crimea since 1991 with capital in Simferopol
3. Sevastopol in Crimea was the naval base of Russian federation the closest base with entrance to Mediterrian sea....(you know ...Middle east , North Africa etc...where the leader fascists the United Shitholes of Assholes mass murdering nation because of oil). The naval base was lended by Russia for 98 mil USD/year payed to Ukraine. The contract was signed at 1997 . The contract was limited for 20 years. But at 2010 the president of Ukraine signed a contract with prolongation up to 2042 in exchange of the same year payments and very low price on Russian gas for Ukraine. (One of the reasons why the USA fascists become mad and started the war in 2014
4. Janukovych was negotiating the conditions to join EU. And at the same time the loan from IMF. The american-jewish banksters and world slavemasters proposed to give loan but very high intrest rate with condition that the prices for gas electricity everything controlled by governmnet will rise sky high for all people (remember Ukraine was one of the poorest coutry in Europe poorest and now the prices 10 x more on gas as it was in 2014). When Janokovych refused the loan which ruins life of the people (not just in Ukraine...look at Greece etc) and decided to negotiate with Russia a BRICS (BRICS as you know is the biggest thread of IMF banksters) .It was the last drop for USA to start the coup in Ukraine.
5. Qui bono....through Ukraine running gas and oil pipeline and was the main tool to supplie Europe with Russian oil and gas. Bilions of USD bussines what was taken back from USA fascists by Putin after Yeltsin who was a puppet of USA (reason why USA hate Putin) . Stop the delivery of Russian gas opened the European market for much more expensive gas from USA. Another reason for war.
Mistakes of this stupid propaganda:
1. Crimea people are in majority ethnic Russians more then 60%. Ukraine nationality just cca 24 %.The referendum was held 16th of march 2014. More than 83 % of population elected and from this more then 96% ! voted to join Russia (do not forget one of the basic rights for self determination). As the british asshole suggest it was not anexion.
2. Donbas, Luhansk ....the british asshole says in the documentary that separatists (called also terrorist see the Anti Terrorist Operation - operation where Ukraine government and nazi gangs killing civilians) from Doneck and Luhansk (50 % ethnic Russians) attacked Ukraine. Since this days starting 2014 was no one terror atack in any teritory of Ukraine done by people from Doneck or Luhansk. The war is going on their teritory. This people not moved an inch from their lands toward Kiev or anywhere else. In opposite all these fascist at the shit propaganda documentary together with Ukraine nazi Right Sector and official Ukraine army (fascists and terrorist created and payed ba CIA and USA) came to Donetsk and Luhansk territory to kill , rape, loot.
Conclusion. Another shit propaganda. Demonisation of Russia with no evidences one Russian tank filmed, no one evidence of official Russian involvement. Just bunch of stupid terrorists mostly from USA- Blackwater mercenaries ...from USA vasal countries, mostly with fascist governments like UK, France, Norway, Georgia....etc. Hope this idiotic asshole who shoot this lies will one day end in jail with all the rest of presented terrorist killing civilians. As the USA will be whiped out from world surface , it is chance that this garbage will get the reward for commited crimes.
Yahwallah akbarshalom
Thomas Jones
When you do part 2 give me a shout and come visit Lviv, got a few tales to tell of my last 4 years here, we can have a brew and go for a yomp in the park!
Ben Free
Can i donate via PayPal?
You might just be the next Ben Anderson, i just watch this to know which force to avoid most.
A very wise fool once said "There is no point in dying for earth, if all we are sowing with it is death".
Thank you.
Jss S
Not a bad documentary at all, I appreciate the attempt at balance. Some more back and forth and hard questions along the lines of when you asked the American why the US can intervene but Russia can’t would have made it a little more interesting though. For example why are Ukraine’s borders sacred but the will of the people in the east is not, after all it was the president they elected that was thrown out against their will. Why according to the volunteers should they have accepted that passively? Or why do they accept uncritically that all the grievances of the separatists can be chalked up to Russian propaganda but everything the western media says about putin and the separatists is true. For example Jarl apparently did not support the western narrative in regards to the Middle East but he accepted the western narrative in Ukraine. Granted asking such questions might have got you in trouble but it would have made the interviews more enlightening imo.

Nonetheless this is was a good effort over all and it’s to bad that’s its impossible to talk to the other side in person without running afoul of the Ukrainian authorities.
Maisey Yurtaev
Really? Bro. Just look at the each side.
Erik The Dread
Thank you for a great documentary showing the Ukraine conflict from a different perspective, as well as the volunteers who chose to fight in this conflict. As a Norwegian, I'm also disgusted, disturbed and saddened by Jarl (and people like him). I hope our authorities know about him and people like him, and that his tough talk is nothing more than just that: talk. We experienced an attack by someone of his politicial leanings in 2011 and we don't want that again. People like Jarl are a menace to society and even to themselves and their views belong nowhere in a modern, open and democratic society. I hope he rots away in Ukraine or ends up in a Norwegian jail for a very very long time.
Johan W Häll
Fritz Leschenbranner
I'm glad you interviewed Russle Bentley.
Rishabh Bhardwaj
1:28:01 Song Name Please?
silhouette palm tree
Glad youre monitized
wow had no idea this was on the way mate il watch it asap!
Comunist8 Laridatar
Muslims unite to help Ukraine to protect people against gangs of Putin's terrorists¡¡ Help heroic army of christians to fight Putin's fashism¡¡ We will liberate Ukraine and no more peace with assassins in East of Ukraine. They are ememys of muslims , because Putin every day help to Asad kill children in Sirya¡¡ Help to Ukraine and Dahestan to fight against fashism of Putin¡
M44DL Mustang 5.0
Without a clear picture from either side I wouldn't think to go and fight there it seems like nobody's got a clue who's right or wrong the United states has barely helped Ukraine in any way and that's strange considering Russia is on the other side if I had to take sides it would be with Ukraine cause Russia has proved to be scum in every way the guy he interviewed from there pretty much sums that up but this documentary just proves it's a fucked situation that's never gonna resolve itself what good will foreign fighters do if its static warfare and not going to be a kinetic fight anytime soon but your film definitely shows how the wars really just going to last forever I mean that u did a great job showing the war for what it is a proxy war great job
Bolek Lolek
This Odysey guy, Putin probably already sent his stealthy minions to chop of his head :-( why did he show his face in this interview?
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