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Listen to the full song "Happily Ever After" from Steven Universe the Movie, and stream or download the whole movie soundtrack here 👉https://lnk.to/SUmovie

Here we are in the future,
here we are in the future and it’s bright,
nothing to fear, no one to fight!
I can’t believe
we’ve come so far
happily ever after, here we are!

Once upon a time I thought
I’d always be in my mother’s shadow,
answering for her crimes I thought
I’d always be in an endless battle,
‘till I began to hone
a power all my own
that I could feel growing stronger every day
and now I’ve saved the world
not just that, the whole galaxy’s saved,
we did it!

Here we are in the future!

Once upon a time I only
lived to be of Pink Diamond’s service,
‘till the day the two of us
snuck down to be on this planet’s surface.
We became our fantasy!
And I was sure she set me free!
But in the end I guess I never left her side,
and after love and loss and all the tears that I’ve cried
I find that,

here we are in the future!

Here we are!

Once upon a time a Sapphire
came to earth with her Ruby soldier,
the Sapphire’s deadly fate was set
until the Ruby rushed in to hold her.
Suddenly they were fusing,
beautiful, strange, confusing,
and there I was, a bundle of questions so naïve,
that if you told me this, I never would have believed
you then but,

here we are in the future!

Once upon a time I burst to life
inside of the kindergarten,
a product of a war that I had
no idea I had a part in.
I came out late and alone,
knew nothing but my home,
but I know now exactly who I’m supposed to be,
and it’s part of this family!

If I could just STOP right here and be,
finally done finally us finally weeeeeee~

~are in the future!

Here we are in the future and it’s bright!
Nothing to fear no one to fight!
I can’t believe we’ve come so far,
Happily ever after—
Happily ever after—
Happily ever after—
here we aaaaaaaaaaaare!

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Son goten101
A moment later everyone in small home world is shattered
I absolutely LOVE garnites voice!
Uzumaki Naruto Games
This Cartoon Begin with a fatty boy and now is galaxy hero
I really wish I could run up to my friends singing and they would just join in instead of thinking im weird
Jacobi Rainey
Did anybody see how Ruby's head moved to the beat tho???? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sam Hipolito
This might sound crazy but I think there is an Easter egg for season 6 when peridot said homeworld was 83.7% complete if you calculate that in numbers that is 5/6 which states that season 6 will eventually come
Jasier A.
3:02 tell me this doesn’t sound like a video game side quest.
OP oivariini
Lapis: once upon a time I only lived inside of a little mirror, then one day a kid named steven grabbed me out of that nightmare prison. we became really good friends, and my new home was earth. So now i live here in this beatiful, great planet, and i'm a crystal gem, I've made so many friends i'm so ecxited 'cause, HERE WE ARE IN THE FUTURE!
Sarah fanpop
Awww my little Steven is growing up so fast. I am tearing up omg 😭 those character developments were emotional
Dimario100 Real
Lit Boy
0:11 well yes.. but actually no
khoa vp
Gevaldo Limin Hartanto
0:19 anyone See the painting?
And that's when it all went horribly wrong.... probably
Demo killer007
ice cream powers activate😂😂😂😂
Pusheen The kawaii cat
I love amyesthets part
stop sleeping on estelle’s verse
Bạch Lạc Hy
I can't believe I came so far to see you grow up til' the end like this too
Fiarras Hassan
You know what is the most laughable moments in the show

Gems that are over 1,000 years with super strength and strong weapons is defeated by a kid that is almost 12 or 13 yrs old
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Lone Spinel Happily Ever After Song 1 day ago   01:42

So.....that Steven Universe movie, huh? Yeah....Spinel is good and I love her. And I'm eternally grateful that the acapella was available so quickly. Far from my BEST work, as I made it happen in like half an hour but still proud of it despite a few blemishes

Songs Used:
Other Friends - Steven Universe: The Movie
Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

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