Duke vs. Virginia Condensed Game 2010 NBA Finals - Boston vs Los Angeles 2 days ago   10:27

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Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Cavaliers vs. Duke Blue Devils, 02/09/2019

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Travis Harris
look at what Dikaite did in the tournament
I told people it was big not having him in this game
Travis Harris
look at what Dikaite did in the tournament
I told people it was big not having him in this game
Caliou The fireman
One of these teams showed up in the tournament, the other one relied on missed buzzer beaters and only got to elite 8

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Bading Gerzi
The only 2 losses of Virginia comes from duke, Virginia then sweep the ncaa tournament to finals and become champs
Raphael Romulo
if they went against the current Virginia, no way they be winning.
and now they're the champ
kyree king
Kyle guy is slept on dat boy nice!
brady chick
🏆🔵👿 2019 ACC Tournament CHAMPS! Congrats DUKE😁✌
Black devils comes up
aaron bonner
Who’s here after zions shoe blew out and he hurt his knee
Virginia would have beaten most teams that night. They were actually really good... Duke was just unreal with their shooting. Two great games by Duke on the road this week.
a Basketball enthousiast
Why is Duke 2seed and Virginia 3seed when they have a better record??? are they in different divisions or something?? (I am not American and kind of new to college basketball don't hate)
Chihuahua Head
He only blocked it because the guy paused too long before he shot, that was a quick catch and shoot
Cainan Beastly
2:30 travel???
1flyty & 1flycash
skip to 8:50 and watch for about 7 seconds. Zion is a beast.
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Here's what happened, Duke lost and teams losing to get Zion....Duke won't be winning a championship this year. There are other teams more talented.
urdu vision
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2010 NBA Finals - Boston vs Los Angeles Duke vs. Virginia Condensed Game 2 days ago   14:53

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The best highlights from game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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