Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest You laugh? You lose India! 2 days ago   19:45

Harald Baldr
■ Kiev, Ukraine's capital, has seen more hardship over the past 100 years than any other city in Europe. Yet the city still stands proud on both sides of the banks of the river Dnipro.

For the past 45 days I've been studying Russian here. This film shows are some of the amazing people I've met and things I've seen over that period.

From hardworking normal citizens to great tourist attractions. From the sublime beaches along the river Dnipro to fantastic church art. These clips hopefully serves to give people and impression of what Kiev is truly like.

Kiev is paradise on earth during both summer and winter in terms of the open green spaces scattered all over the city. Towards the end of this film I go through some of the tragic history Kiev have suffered through and explain why this place deserves the title as Europe's greatest city.

As I did in my last movie I encourage people to visit Kiev or Ukraine for a holiday and spend money in the economy. Since then I've had my parents visit and they absolutely loved the city. They thought it was safe, beautiful and an extremely interesting part of Europe to wander around and explore in.

For first time visitors I recommend the Hotel Ukraina on Kreschatyk street. It's an old classic Soviet style hotel and used to be the most expensive hotel in Kiev during the days of the Soviet Union. The rooms are relatively modern and offer great value for money. The location of the hotel is also sublime.

As for time of year to visit Kiev, personally I love the winters when the city is covered in a thick layer of snow. If you can't handle minus 20 Celsius though, Ukraine's warmest months are June and July.


All Violin Music: romian.official (that's their instagram account)

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pazira love
Its boring. Believe it or not even girls and sex become boring when there is no culture. Which is why many young tourists like me end up going to india, bangladesh, iran, armenia etc multiple times.
Woden of the Angles
Nice to see a homogeneous white society still. Thankfully the EU empire wasn't successful in it's coup attempts else mass third world immigration will change Ukraine forever, like in France.
Desi Jatt
Bro you guys got no life xD
Арсен Dod
Thanks man that show my country from GOOD SIDE COME BACK)))
Pavlos Kaisseris
Kiev looks beautiful,and local women looking gorgeous.
I miss my grandparents and uncle in Ukraine, Love from Norway
Himanshu Raj
Plz come bihar in india
Quite frankly, I'd prefer to hear the street musicians than the 70s and 80s disco stuff.
Norman D
I don't believe I would ride that zip line. I have trust issues. Haha
You just want to impress your girlfriend lol
"Hello hotties"... in america, feminists would sue you, lol
Tom Ulrich
This will defenitely one of my next citiy trips! Know a lot of good friends from Ukraine, time to check out their roots!
Rosich Komsh
Бичи сука продажные...
murod rakhmanov
Greatest factory of prostitute
Henry Jekyll
Thank you! Kyiv is amazing!
jason samuel
Mr bald is like a ghost in your video.
Pauly Juan
How much extasy did you have before your speach?
Pauly Juan
I'm Ukrainian and many of us are spoilt. lazy and opportunistic. People are just people everywhere.
Лиза Х
Мировая столица секстуризма)))
Ivan Zakharenko
Thank you for the awesome video! Come to Kyiv without any doubts
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You laugh? You lose India! Kiev, Ukraine: Europe's Greatest 2 days ago   10:25

■ INDIA, NEW DELHI: I'm changing the format here from the one PewDiePie uses for obvious reasons but the concept is the same. Watch this without laughing you win. Laugh even once and YOU LOSE!

This was all filmed in one go in an Indian Rickshaw from Delhi's Connaught place to the same city's richest most fashionable neighborhood where only rich tourists can afford to live: Paharganj :-)

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