Journalism at war: Ukraine vs Russia Do Arab men hate women? | Head 10 months ago   09:30

Al Jazeera English
The justification offered by the site is the suspicion that journalists have been collaborating with separatist, pro-Russian forces, in the east.

The separatists in Donbass have enforced their own rules. Journalists wanting to cover the fighting in Eastern Ukraine must have the appropriate accreditation as issued by the separatists.

"It's completely clear why the authorities of DNR introduced this accreditation process. It's not so much to control and regulate the number of journalists coming into the region, but rather to understand who these people are, and whether any of them would be 'inconvenient' to have around or are secret agents," says Katya Serhatskova, journalist at Hromadske TV.

The balancing act for reporters and news consumers in that part of the world is: how do you deal with the confusion and misinformation and sort fact from fiction– on both sides – while still upholding freedom of the press? The Listening Post's Nic Muirhead reports.

Contributors: Ian Bateson, freelance foreign correspondent, Ukraine; Katya Sergatskova, journalist, Hromadske TV; Maria Snegovaya, author, 'Putin's Information War in Ukraine'; Alya Shandra, editor, Euromaidan Press

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Gordon Thomson
How much of Ukraine outside of the Donbas has been invaded and seized by the separatists ? How about Al Jazeera , which I used to trust , show the Youtube videos of "Victoria Nuland" and the "Korsun Massacre" .Or the "Peace Train" episode which took place just after the Maidan . Al Jazeera appears to be just as biased as any western media outlet , made all the more understandable when their relationship with Qatar becomes known. Very sad .
euro crap
Aljazeera is aas-to-mouth piece of Anglo race Anglo European races are raping Arab women and banning their race from entering their country and this piece of sit channel has hired European goat sniffers for reporting?? fucki g Arab pagans!
zid mizarz
Al jazeera the media of ISIS, the USA goverment and the UKRAINE FASCISTS. However, it´s lies will never defeat our cammardades fom DPR and LPR who are figthing against USA terrorism and it´s Allies.
zid mizarz
Long life to the PDR and LPR the UKROS fascists will never touch those territoies anymore.
Ukraine War Awareness
Speaking of Informational Warfare, the Journalist shown here Katya Sergatskova, is part of Hromadske TV. I think it's worthy to note that Hromadske has annual donations from George Soros' Renaissance Fund NGO, as well as Euromaidan Press shown here as well, have been debunked on many occasions. Hromadske has had an Interview with a Human Rights Watcher that was cut off by Hromadske on a Live Interview, because the HRW was saying the Donetsk City of Gorlovka / Horlivka was not being bombed by Russian Soldiers, but by Ukrainian Soldiers. As soon as the HRW said that, the interview was cut off due to "technical problems".
VICE NEWS' Selfie Soldiers Report can easily be artificially made. It's an HBO News Network, so when his wife was shown, she obviously had to sign papers to allow her to be shown on their network. Above that, I've tried looking for the Vkontakte (VK) page they were talking about, but it doesn't exist anymore. It's not that hard to create a fake Facebook or VK page.
The crucifixion of the boy story is also fake (from the Ukrainian Side). I saw the full Documentary, and it was a refugee documentary, with that woman, even in the presented footage, not saying what the subtitles were written.
Why is this report so one-sided? I thought that Al-Jazeera was a non-biased media source, but I guess I was wrong. Instead of interviewing both, Ukrainian Media's and Separatist Media's, you only interviewed a couple of Ukrainian Media affiliated Journalists. They claim Russian Media is spawning hatred, but Russian Media doesn't even talk about Ukraine anymore, and hasn't for a long time. Just check the difference between Ukraine Today (UT) and Russia Today (RT). UT will always say how "It's Russia's fault this, it's Russia's fault that, Putin did this, Putin did that"... So if you're going to idolize websites like Mirotvorets, you might as well also claim that InformNapalm and RussiaKills are also trusted sources, despite simple fact-checks showing otherwise.
Independent media? The news channel inter has been attacked numerous times before. The only time they reported an attack was the last one. When they got burned down on live TV. How you going to act unbiased about any subject when you can't even take an interview from the people outside your agency building?
So no one in the comments cares about the persons or families on board the flight? This is sad.
Russian built missiles doesn't mean Russians shut the plain down. Ukrainian military has 90% of the arms as legacy "Russian" / Soviet era. Just because ISIS uses Soviet made AK-47, it doesn't mean Russia is supplying or anyhow responsible...
Shresth Kapoor
Aljeera is also a propoganda for us and it's gulf allies .
I am from ukraine
Scott Scott
Calling spies, well, spies... great work Russia. I wouldn't want Al Jazeera anywhere near my house either.
Sigh Berian
So you talk about "Russian propaganda" only covering the story from one side, and then you make video about it and only interview anti-Russian reporters? lol
Yuri muckraker
crazy I remember when Abby Martin formerly of RT America and RT International was one of the few journalists on RT to speak out on the Crimea annexation and the media bias on both the West and Russia, left and right on the shooting of the airplane in Ukraine.  could not be more timely as I don't know who to belive on the current Ukraine conflict but I do know its a turf war between US and Russia, two mob states.
Selangor Maju
Pentagon paid half billion dollars to UK pr firm for breeding isis in Iraq alone, how much they pay for Kiev, surely more than Syria
Al Jazeera is propaganda in itself lol
redboy gaming 101
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Do Arab men hate women? | Head Journalism at war: Ukraine vs Russia 10 months ago   47:37

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