Google Earth Hero: Save Street View hops on the train 1 day ago   02:24

For over 20 years, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants, has used Google Earth
to track, study, and protect elephants from poaching with geofences and satellite collars on elephants.

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Teguh Suratman
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Mostafa Ahmed
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Reaczar Pahna
Gabriel Seaff
Pouches ought to be severely punished for destroying such a beautiful animals. What a pity. Animals were first created. Man thereafter was created to tender the animals and protect them. But human beasts nowadays are destroying every beautiful elephants and every creature on earth
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Why is it that the people who live in Africa and the governments of Africa are incapable of doing this, and only the white man can do it?
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These amazing animals are our responsibility. Save these beautiful creatures.
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Please help protect the elephant
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save elephants future
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Street View hops on the train Google Earth Hero: Save 1 day ago   01:29

See the images:

In cooperation with Rhaetian Railway, our Street View team has collected images from one of the world's most scenic railway routes—the Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland which is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

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