Yemeni children study under How to Identify a Tree By Leaf, Bark 1 day ago   01:29

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"The insects are making it very hard, the scorpions and other insects under the trees."

These students in the Yemeni town of Abs study under trees because the schools are overcrowded due to the mass displacement in the country.

#Yemen #civilwar #internallydisplaced

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"Al-Iman Yamani- Wal Hikmah Yamaniah." Prophet Muhammad (PBUH.)
May Allah revenge on those who destroyed and killed Yemeni people.
Ashfaq Khan
Dats the new upcoming Generation of yemen when they become adult , reaction of all of this will come
Sheeple are Lame
Stay tuned for more depopulation
Pinkyfrog Youtube Channel
Be strong baby. Never stop learning.
Hassan dhiif
This is what saudi arabia and UEA have done
Abdul Qadir
Great job organization
jodi houts
This would be loved by the majority of kids I know. Maybe for the wrong reasons...but they'd love it!
we are also Human
Iran and suadi Arabia to leave this proxy wars, we are Muslim we should get unite. America and Russia are just using Iran and suadi Arabia and killing innocent people around the world
we are also Human
I am just highlighting the facts I am not supporting Saudi Arabia or Russia or America or Iran
we are also Human
Russia was supporting Asad regime and Russia bombarded on Syrian cities they killed innocent children, but no one criticized Russia ❓
we are also Human
Now criticize is sudi Arabia for supporting government, and praise Huthi terrorists. Tell huthi rebels that shun the guns and let the Yemeni people live peacefully.
Navyharoon Silence Khan
Saudi r not only responsible the destructions of Yemen,
israel Usa are also responsible of all of it
Sallhu Din
It is all due to our slavery to west. Bless us oh Allah.. Aameen
united muslim empire
The Saudis will pay insha'allah
S Cin
Destruction of Yemen enabled by The West.
pyar lafzon Men Kahan Turkish Drama
Life is full struggle
But the good life

Is start after struggle 😊😊
Mohammed Arif Uddin
Masha Allah
Hani Al-hamdani
Thanks TR for telling our tragic stories
Hicham Sabir
سبحان الله 🎧
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How to Identify a Tree By Leaf, Bark Yemeni children study under 1 day ago   14:32

How to Identify a tree or tree Id is something I get asked all the time. here we are going to walk through the woods and look at a few trees and then see how to identify them what apps and websites help. we will be looking at ash, hickory walnut, black walnut, maple, elm, box elder, and more.plant identification can be fun and important if you want to know what to expect in your woodworking project wood. So get out in nature check out the bark, leaf, and fruit of the tree and learn how to Identify a Tree By Leaf Bark and Fruit

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