Lord Jamar on Hearing About Lord Jamar Compares Homosexuality 1 day ago   09:54

Lord Jamar spoke about watching the Lifetime docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly" and hearing allegations about the singer in the early 90s before it was public knowledge. He explained that he had a friend of a friend who was speaking to Kelly on the phone and how he never called back after learning that the woman was in college. To hear more, including people giving R. Kelly a pass over his music, hit the above clip.

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Friend of a friend.
conflicc ricks
When he told vlad to stop singing tho 😂😂😂😂
VOICE theVillain
Lord Jamar's Bump and Grind rendition was epic.
hacheley legagneur
Lord Jamar:" We can still give r kelly a pass because his musics was so fcking good."😂😂😂😂
hacheley legagneur
Gotta love lord jamar
Pause that ish 8:24 is Lord Jamar a Nazi trapped in the closet ?
415 4 a try
Yooo, the lord is back again with anotha hit!!!
was he spat out by the Ralph Lauren store????????????????
Faze Geez
Poor the man
What’s sad is R. Kelly only became detestable AFTER his music started to suck (trapped in the closet series).
yolanda lanier
Lord Jamar had me rollin....singing "my mind is telling me noooo, but my body"...lol
Isabella Carrington
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20 19
Break it down then Jamar.
That jacket fly as fuck though
Shannon Laws
NO singing lol
EyesWideOpen 55
Let’s think hard about the girls who chase down these rappers. Who’s raising them? Who/what’s influencing them to shave that way? What exactly are they expecting to happen when rappers invite them to their house? Why did the parents accept payments from R Kelly? Also, Hollywood and the Government are filled with pedophiles and gays so why single out one person? He may be guilty but he’s clearly being targeted/punished for something that’s yet to be exposed.
Marcel Colquitt
Why is jamar always on the show he's a idiot and a clown
Charles King
He is right. I never thought about it, but the lyrics "my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes" sounds like a confession in context.
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R. Kelly ft Micheal Jackson Child Love Vipes 2020 🍭
@Vlad you need to go back to adding full videos Im not watchin all these lil clips to see the full video lol
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Lord Jamar Compares Homosexuality Lord Jamar on Hearing About 1 day ago   15:48

Lord Jamar has been outspoken about his thoughts on homosexuality in past interviews, and the Brand Nubian rapper continued to share his thoughts after Disney featured a gay couple kissing in a cartoon. Jamar said that putting such context in a cartoon for children is too young, as he explained that he would address such situations with his own kids when they are preteens.

As the conversation progressed, Lord Jamar got into a deeper discussion about homosexuality as a whole and how he believes it's unnatural. He even went on to compare homosexuality to incest, adding that neither is meant to happen in nature, and you can hear more of his thoughts on the matter in the above clip.

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