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Ida Immelman
I'm Excited For Abominable And Wonder Park
Literally a toy story add came on after you mentioned it LOLOLOLOL
gacha cat
I will see the photorealistic Lion King just for the nostalgia
Hannah Stein
As I saw from somewhere, "They trade quality for profitable nostalgia."Which can be applies to Powerpuff girls, Disney remakes , Disney Sequals, and many other things.
I watched missing link................... it Like the protaganist was kinda annoying but link was good.......... the characters kinda sucked.........
i think i'm a meanie
I feel like Laika should've sticked with the Children Horror movies like Coraline.
Excuse me buzz and woody what!
Squid SQuiddly
If someone had told me that Disney had a new Lion King in the works I would have been thrilled! I would have wanted a hand drawn animated prequil that told the story of Scar and Mufasa's life up until the time of Simba. With a great musical score and hopefully extremely great story telling. Getting the original voice for scar as soon as he hit adulthood. There is SOOO much story to tell there. Like why he knows the hyenas to how the father died to the story of the Scar on his face. ALL OF IT NEEDS TO BE TOLD IN THE ORIGINAL ANIMATION!

But...we get schlock.. we get a dried up mummified corporate husk served on a re-stamped, un-fulfilling, souless, empty void. I never saw the Beauty and the Beast remake because I respect the original and don't want to ruin what I remembered and felt when I cherished the first one. Same goes for this LION KING BS. Lion king is my favorite Disney movie. I won't let them ruin this 2.
This woman put brave in the iffy section, like brave wasnt great!!
Crazypotato 1209
1:00 felt well timed, just because, it felt like it
Shooken Sis
Toy Story honestly didn’t need a 4th one.... the 3rd one ended on a positive note.
Shooken Sis
All these live action reboots are honestly getting on my fockin nerves... I was alright with Cinderella live action tbh, and into the woods. But after that it all started to look like money grabs. If they ever made a treasure planet live action movie, that would be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life
Fernando Garcia
Abominable is legit
woody is openly bisexual so your fan fiction will never happen.
Gacha Workshop
Aladdin was changed ALOT more then it should have..

And Bo Beep... isn't that girly but she's really cool like that!
courtney timmins
Spies in disguise looks quite aesthetic, a little bit.
Euan Mort
And now because of spamming untrue fans, the Sonic film’s been delayed till February 2020. This fandom is just as bad as the Smash fandom. I mean, can’t we just leave character designs alone for once and actually acknowledge Sonic got his actual personality back?
Madison Line
I think if they do the live action Hunchback they should go balls to the walls and make it R.
They won’t but they should
yeet yeet potato skeet
The lion king remake is about Scar balancing all of the pride rock by eating half of the population. And Mufasa doesn't feel so good about it.
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