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Samantha Hugill
Banoffee De Fairikaik
Uuummm....Celly, I hate to be the one to tell you this...
According to know that sequel? To the movie about a polar bear that we don't name?
Well...please don't freak out...

It did get released in theatres.
So...yeah, you kind of do have to go watch it.
Si13nt Voice
I actually watched 'I want to eat your pancreas' and I kinda liked it, but personally, I felt that it dragged the story sometimes
Tara Morin
I’m calling it now, Bo Peep’s gonna be the twist villain. And I don’t like twist villains, but for some reason I’d rather her as a twist villain than just transporting her into a strong female, making her a twist villain would give that change more of a purpose. But I wish they had just left her alone while bringing her back into the movie. Although I LOVE the pants and her new outfit. Just wished she’d had a new outfit, but not a new personality.
floralfurycuphead 2
I sw the how to train ur dragon 3 in the theoter
Disney! You stay away from my Hunchback of Notre Dame!
Specimen X
I hope bo peep doesn't become the villain
Frances Saucier
Wares detective pikachu?
Ishaan Adhikary
11:33 What about Spider-Verses animation?
battlecatsfanaticAUUTP AFFC
we start fires!
Fox and falco:hold my beer
A K The Small Child
Ah yes the frozen midwest and our inconsistent weather patterns. It was literally 70 on Monday and on Wednesday it was snowing. How. Its April. Also yes January was interesting. We missed 8 days of school.
Bella Dow
I also live in the Midwest. I also live in Wisconsin sooo yeah. Also, I live by Lake Michigan. Yeah it gets below freezing here every winter!
Bella Dow
I think Wednesday Addams's "Long face" is supposed to be like the og comic
Eleni Love
My thing is out of all the video games to live reenact: legend of Zelda, Metroid, even kid Icarus is acceptable, we just had to be given sonic the hedgehog. Who woke up and said-“Hey! These people really need a sonic the hedgehog live action movie.”
rabbid dash
i want to eat your pancreas.
Best movie.
10/10, would watch again, but my dog has cancer, and my grandpa is dead.
LIve action Beauty and the Beast was interesting to me, since I hadn't the original (I assume it's better, but for not seeing the original, the remake was pretty okay). BUT, I KNOW the live action Notre Dame is going to suck. Notre Dame is my favorite Disney film ever and mmmmm they're going to totally ruin it.
What about invader zim
Courtney Johnson
Here are some new trailers
Frozen 2, Adams family, the final toy story 4 trailer, angry birds 2 and the final secret life of pest 2 trailer

Edit: also detective picachu trailer
AdamVlogs 55555
The Addams family trailer and Secret Life Of Pets 2 trailer both came out, and I think I might actually like them
I'm honestly probably not going to see any animated movies but missing link this year. Disney and illumination AND dreamworks are all just...... Dissapointing this year.

Except shrek 5, lets admit it were all going to see shrek
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Sherlock Gnomes (2018) - The Search Reacting to 2019 Animated Trailers 1 day ago   13:56

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