Blockbuster Bodyguard Competition 1 day ago   14:48

This is the greatest video essay of All Time

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I saw that there was 999 dislikes and I couldn't give up my chance to be 1k exactly. I like the video and helped my sister when I was a kid at a movie gallery
I knew someone who worked at Blockbuster corporate in the early 2000's... they quit shortly after because blockbuster would never implement new ideas. They died because they failed to listen to those who knew better.
I fuckin miss blockbuster man
I didn’t know there were any blockbusters left
Riley Rips
Before Netflix and chill it was Blockbuster and cock-thruster
Mac Matheson
I hope Blockbuster makes a colossal comeback all because of their last remaining store in Oregan.
Glowing Ashes
Charlie this gave me a great idea:

Blockbuster 2.
Brandon Black
I wont let our last Blockbuster die, Bend was hometown. Might have to move back! lol
I love shooting smack behind Blockbuster!
Blockbuster failed?! 😳
Zack Lunas
I went to Target the other day and I saw there's a Blockbuster tabletop game that was made fairly recently. Maybe they're not dead after all?
I have managed to enslave one cockroach. I named him jeremy. Should have not entered my room.
nothing will ever feel the same as going to blockbuster to try out a new game or movie
Cheesecake Gamer
I could just keep watching this video over and over for some reason. I think it's the animation, his narration, and the way how he executes the vid in general.
Matt 24
It still doesn't make sense that the one in Alaska, a place with little to no internet, wouldn't be the last one standing.
Mickey Swanson
I like the animations penguinz0
Hey guys FYI GameStop is next
John Bowrey
Blockbuster let me experience Mass Effect, Oblivion, Assassins Creed and Borderlands back when I couldn't just ask for a new fucking game every couple weeks. I will forever be thankful for Blockbusters influence on my life.
Michael McCarthy
Sad uwu
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Bodyguard Competition Blockbuster 1 day ago   05:05

This is the greatest body guarding of All Time

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