US Shutdown: lawmakers reach tentative President Trump On Federal Workers 2 days ago   01:48

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A possible deal to avoid another government shutdown has been reached. Republican lawmakers say they have agreed to far less money for Trump's border wall in exchange for 55 miles of new fancing. The President still has to sign off on it.

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Cyph3r _
This dumb mofo...and his even dumber cult. Poisoned kool-aid for all!
Gerald Miller
Trump puts American citizens and legal migrants first and democrats put illegal aliens first. Trump2020.

Also the republican major said they were safe before and after. He did not say if it made them safer or not. Also this is a national issue not just a border town issue and yes many illegals enter and spread out well beyond border towns.

How does it work in Europe? Do illegals stay in whatever port they landed in or are you also finding them further inland?
Lydia Anello
Are you serious no one will vote for this guy, he doesn't want a wall? Well then you definitely will not get my vote, who wants a president who doesn't protect his people's land.
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President Trump On Federal Workers US Shutdown: lawmakers reach tentative 2 days ago   14:23

As Trump's government shutdown over the border wall pushes into its third week, the president insists federal employees going without pay are on his side. Jonathan Allen, Jill Colvin, & Josh Gerstein discuss.
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President Trump On Federal Workers Going Without Pay: They Want A Wall | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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