I'm Tayo the Little Bus l Come and meet The Sleepy Train | Go Buster by Little 2 days ago   13:12

Tayo the Little Bus
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Hi friends, it's Tayo! It's my first day working as a city bus!
Well, it's not easy yet. I get clumsy when I stop on lines or opening the front door!

My friends and I, we all live together in a garage!
We make mistakes or argue sometimes, but we're best friends for each other!

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Learn with Tayo!
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i saw gani and rogi when tayo was doing the test
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lullabies for small kids relax
Is so good for littile children and cool the best cartoon for toddlers so cute voice
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ㅅㅊ슈카ㅓ나ㅏ느믐ㅁ. ㅐㅏ냐더ㅏㅓㅓ노ㅗ놔마 ㅓㅗ커마ㅛㅓㄴ너ㅓㅓ너ㅓㅓㅗ커
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The Sleepy Train | Go Buster by Little I'm Tayo the Little Bus l Come and meet 2 days ago   24:50

Buster has to think fast when Suki the train starts rolling away whilst she’s asleep. Together with Otis the police car, Buster will have to stop the runaway train before it’s too late.

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