Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing Language and Translation in Isle of Dogs 2 days ago   13:11

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Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.

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Jason Mckinnon
8:41 he says "by the way of" - but should be "in the way of" -used to indicate the type of thing that is being described, thought of, etc.
If we're gonna be pedantic and scrutinize the minutae, might as well go all in. 💪
Laura Jones
Too bad First Man and Searching aren't nominated for an Oscar for Best Film Editing because those movies have some of the best film editing of last year. Any one of those movies would be a better choice to win in this category imo.
A strong part of me believes that the professional film editing community championed Bohemian Rhapsody out of a certain spite.
The bad editing is one of the reasons why I turned off the film on my TV. I was losing interest quickly
and I had only watched 1hour and 25minutes of it! Never went back to
watch the rest.
Chris Sche
Love Queen. Didn’t care for this movie. I felt it could have been better in a lot of ways. Especially the choice of Freddy. The other casting was perfect though. And yeah the story was too fast and didn’t have a specific vision other than a movie about Queen with Freddy Mercury. People that don’t understand film have a hard time understanding what was bad about the movie.
Roy Jiminez
It was a terrible movie
Сова Томпсон
The editing is so terrible that I can't see angles, movements and sides with characters and visionary views in any sequences. I think Oscars gave it for Studio Recording Scene when the band recorded Bohemian Rhapsody single, but other scenes were edited primitively.
Sam Garcia
Brilliant. Now please do a video breaking down the atrocious editing in the Brienne vs the Hound fight in Game of Thrones
Interesting to compare the editing and camera placement in this and Mr Robot with Malek. Mr Robot is so somber, stylistic and interesting, it would be cool to see it translated into a more livlier setting.
Ottman won the American Cinema Editor (ACE) Award for 2019, so we are not talking about Oscar voters who might not know the first thing about editing. The ACE is an honourary society of film editors. These people know editing more than novices who’re still in editing school and posting their inexpert opinions on social media. Maybe ACE judged it based on the challenges they knew Ottman had to hurdle, and said “frig it, that guy deserves an award.”

Or they could have voted for Ottman purely on the Live Aid sequence, which elevated an otherwise tepid biopic. That was an excellently shot rendition of Queen’s finest performance.

Ottman‘s been around a long time and I think his edits in such movies as the X-men series are excellent. He just made the best of a bad situation with Bohemian Rhapsody. The result speaks for itself - almost a billion dollars at the box office.

Ottman said he was under a lot of pressure. Singer left, and Fletcher came and added a few scenes and Ottman had to stitch them in seamlessly. He added that the producers were breathing down his neck, something about giving each character equal screen time. (Would we be surprised if May and Taylor stipulated this?) Ottman said that if he could revisit this scene he would.

I would challenge all those so called experts to make a hash of a stressful situation where the director’s been fired, a new one adds scenes which has a slightly different tone to the previous, and producers are jumping on your neck.

The fact of the matter is, we don’t see where Fletcher took over from where Singer left. It could be that Fletcher managed to stay within the overall tone of the movie. OR, the editor managed to stitch these disparate scenes together such that no one noticed.

Nope, no rookie editor can do that. So this knotty Queen-Reed scene is easily forgiven.

I’m probably the only one who enjoyed this scene. The fast pace tells me how tense Queen feels that they might be rejected by Reed.

Reed’s change in position amused me because it tells me he’s equally excited to meet Queen.
Nani Corday
The pace of editing is way to quick. It works for the music montage scenes, but that's about it.
I always noticed this, but now that you've pointed it out, it makes me dizzy just trying to watch the film again.
J. R.
Aspergers in 13 minutes and ten seconds.
Jared Kunish
You mentioned that maybe this scene cuts together so poorly because the director didn’t get enough coverage or maybe the blocking needed tweaking, so maybe the academy knew Bryan Singer did a bad job at directing and the editor made do with what crap he had and won the Oscar for it 😂
Trey Nelson
....a lot of dudes playing the band look like females.
Henry Negan
I see what youre saying but minus all that did you like the movie or was the shots driving you nuts?
3:06 "Freddie, you're gay"
Zaf Mo
you people still dont get it do you? the jewish elite own the oscars. they give out oscars when they want to humilate the film sometimes. EG - when they put THE MARTIAN as a comedy. Same here...they gave it the oscar for best editing to humiliate the film and its makers. cummon ppl wake up lol. Why do you think they keep giving the oscars to that same black actor in moonshine and the piano guy film, its to humiliate the industry and express the power they have.
Travis Bickle
LOL brilliant analysis of the table scene §
Nicole Hayes
I haven’t seen the movie and screamed when Tommy Carcetti showed up
Lol, sure buddy, you must be a huge fan of Martin Scorsese films.
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Language and Translation in Isle of Dogs Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing 2 days ago   10:52

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