Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing How Edgar Wright Sets Up Baby 2 days ago   13:11

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Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.

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Jake Miller
I Agree with your consensus, however, the attention span of the average american has decreased substantially; which can explain a desire to keep shots short.
Troy Allen
Who seen this movie and felt like you seen a good movie ??
1:58 Then compare this to Birdman :P
Scheiss Egal
"So this is Queen?"

"Aye, Lord Baelish."
shut up! u know nofin! film is gEnIoUs!!!! it deserves 10 oscars or maube 1000! QUEEEN! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! AND WE WIL ROKKK!
IdK what it was; the pacing, the editing, the writing, the acting? But this entire movie was just underwhelming. I went to see a movie about Queen/Freddie Mercury and I was BORED. Fucking bored. The movie was just a series of scene to move along the story after it did this a few times within the first 20min, I just didn't give a shit about the characters or anything that happened to them. I don't see what the big fuss about this movie was other than who it was about. If all you did was change the name of the band and the names of the characters, this movie instantly becomes pure shit. It's the most overrated movie since La La Land.
Cloner Stive
I read this as "terrible ending" at least 6 times.
Natalia Páli
who tf is choosing the oscar winners? a cat?
Dear Jesus, am I glad you made this video. Seems like especially the editing is praised based on pure hype, the 60 cuts scene is a great example of how not to pace a scene.
Miles Wilkie
Cuts aren’t editing. They did some crazy effects work and definitely deserved the award
Le Grand Fromage
The whole movie just wasn’t that good tbh
good effort but i feel like there's no respect for the reality that speaking in an authoritative tone doesn't necessarily make you correct
5:06 Petyr Goodman.
Øivin Fjeldstad
The Oscars are a joke and everyone is catching onto it now
Pablo Villegas
Most of what you talk about it’s the directors fault; since it’s because of coverage and montage, which is a Director’s main responsibility.
Chaos Reigns
Otherwise known as a
Adam Åkesson
Why would you know better than a professional Hollywood editor? Who actually won an Oscar for it...
Sally with the bear
I'm somewhat okay with the editing BUT that lighting is pretty much the most awful job I've ever seen :/
Adam Baldwin
Hey, just to let you know, this is the first video of yours that I've seen and I really liked it. I like the depth you went into and how you broke it all down. I'm definitely going to check out more of your videos.

I actually think the edit's are meant to be jarring. They show his hand prominently, and then the actors react nervously and rapidly, and the creaking of his seat is supposed to be a sound cue that this.... does not feel right. The suit smiles the whole time, despite how crazy awkward his intro was - he didn't even address them until after he sits down. He stares off at the bridge before even addressing them - who does this? The sightline is meant to convey this, and his strange presence. The same goes for the awkward jumping around of people.

If you smooth it, the emotional anxiety is taken away. You're supposed to hate this guy and what he represents the first moment.

Human beings are incredibly fast when they're meeting someone and micro-expressions are obscenely quick. The moment you meet someone or react to an emotional trigger it shows on your face. Often we're picking up data we never would've even realized. Given the nature of these scenes, I can see why the cutting might be useful to convey this.

Bear in mind I haven't even seen this movie, but it's adequately conveyed. They're having warm banter, coldly, oh so coldly, interrupted by a suit, whose manneurisms are not natural and aggressive. They take care to show an edited, organic scene for contrast and then they hit you with the jarring painful cuts as its broken up by the suit.

I'm sure one of the themes in the movie is the division in the bandmates over different issues. The scene starts with the group calling Freddie overly flamboyant, which he famously was. Not grouping the band in the later shot all in one signifies a splinter within the band. One character may be considered alone in a sentiment, or divided, and the frequent cuts to Freddie and then to the larger parts of the band also isolate him, and his particular emotional reaction. The other bandmates may gloss over and not care - but he does.

I haven't seen the film, but these jarring dialogue cuts might be meant to show the inorganic nature of the band overall, probably contrasting with longer scenes with songs. You speed up the cuts to offset a movie with longer shots, and potentially to annoy the audience.

You identified it as potential "directing" decisions, which these seem to be. They seem more calculated in how bad they are. That creaking chair sound was way too on-the-nose for them not have designed it that way. Even showing his hand so prominently controlling the chair was purposeful.

I doubt many scenes in this film were meant to have comfortable dialogue, or organic dialogue, just given Queen's history. Controversy followed that band like crazy. It's supposed to feel like those table scenes are not fun, and the music is where the organic nature appears.

Now, I haven't seen the movie, but this feels more like a style discussion than a pure editing discussion. We can all agree Academy Awards are dumb and them recognizing a film for upping the cut speed (a common occurrence to "engineer" attention) could be totally a sham.

But there feels like there could be more to this analysis. I didn't feel much improvement in the re-edited version because you're supposed to seethingly hate that guy and what he represents.

Given the political turmoil surrounding the development of the movie and the editing though, constraints may have necessitated some very strange editing choices, but I don't feel like it's a simple decision to say it's objectively terrible when there seems to be a lot of care and time put into it. You can spot lazy editing, this is more... controversial editing.
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How Edgar Wright Sets Up Baby Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing 2 days ago   10:19

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