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Never Ending Project
FYI, Smart Life Weekly is using your picture in an ad, just in case you didn't know.
Michael Burke
Your house is tall just run a hose up a board to get high as the top of your water level mark it at full and low or just a float with a micro switch to a light 12 volts !
Is it possible when you paired the 3rd setup that it paired to the previous sensor? Since they are the same brand.
LJ Prep
Jesse, 3-6" from mouth to mic is cool. Anything closer distorts the audio, while Frenching gums up the mic. // Once you get the right monitor on there, you can see how many bars the tank monitor shows with each hundred gallons you pump into it, creating your own gauge measure. Flow meters on both the well and outlet line from the cistern should be all you need. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=water+flow+meter . Another handy gadget is an overflow sensor to show when to shut off the water from the well.
What happened to the quad. Would make walking the hill easier. Lol
lip sync is off by a bunch of frames.... makes it unwatchable...
Youssef Saidani
Khadidja ras dab
Joe Schmoe
Running out of water.....with a well on site.....seriously
Jose Ortiz
David Kirwan
Guys I hope you get cladding or some sort of protection up before that osb just rots ;/
Paul Johnston
When I was growing up, we had a cottage with a well basically the same as yours and a purification system almost the same as yours. Our system had a pressure tank which the well pump filled and pressurized and it automatically came on when the water was low and repeated the cycle. We didn't have any cisterns so why do you need them? It seems to me those made sense before you had the well but now they' appear to be simply redundant.
bob belcher
Remove the walker talkie away from your mouth. Like 4-6 inches away will be perfect.
michael heinen
Dale Keene
Jesse definitely got his exercise in. Lol
Wayne Baird
I am so surprised you have not connected your house to your water well, directly. I have a well and use the water straight from the well and have no problems what-so-ever. And... I never run out of water.
Right now the transmitter is sending it’s signal in all directions.

If you add a yagi antenna on a pole aimed toward the house you should get a much stronger signal.

Just make sure you get the right one for the device with at least 9db of gain.
The conclusion is wireless is what you do when you don't want to pull wire. Great video!
Stark Grey
I really love watching your content but I’m a plumber and I am extremely confused why you don’t just set up s pitiless adaptor and dig a trench into the house and get a standard well tank also the softener is designed to kinda be hands freee and run and regen on its own if you would get a standard well tank this whole system seem extremely over complicated I would keep the tanks up the hill as reserve for when the electric is out but should be valved off in the house so you can fill or use water from them with the flip of a valve and a turning the power off to the pump
should the in water sensor sit on the the bottom of the tank and what are you using for drinking water as you have added salt to your tank so you cant drink it or use it for cooking deadly for newborns too (remember you cant drink salt water) also over time it will coat the inside of the tank
Mike B
Dude! You were on the msn homepage! Hope they paid you to use your picture. Can I send you the screenshot? YouTube for whatever reason won’t let me attach the image.. keep the videos coming :)
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I Bought A Raptor at Auction with I WAS WRONG (Testing Wireless Tank 2 days ago   15:46

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