It's Finally Time for 8K The Coolest Laptop Design Yet... 2 days ago   06:02

Austin Evans
Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019.
LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9:
LG NanoCell TV 8K, Model SM9900:  
LG Sound Bar, model SL9Y:
LG gram, 14’’:
LG gram, 17”:
LG Projector HU85L:
XBOOM – portable speakers
PK 3:
PK 5:
PK 7:
LG AI first-home UX of LG TV webOS 4.5 Platform :

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Useless tv ! I have ultra 4K and only few channels that support 4K few games support 4K so it’s useless tbh
Abez 007
rolling tv is not nice if you have 85inch 8k tv is nice element in your living room
Gerard Saliba
Nah thanks I'm still happy with 720p
And watching this vid on 360p😅
Christian McBrearty
8k? Why? It will be impossible to stream because its going to eat up all your GBs from xfinity.
Sayeem Sulaiman
I am planning to buy 65 inch smart android tv which one should I buy sony x7500f or Tcl u2us ur expertise will help me pls do reply
ModzByDemi -
I'm holding out for the 102" 16K model. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Aniruddha San
4k and 8k seems the same..
Anthony A
Humans never know when enough is enough 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Hane Lol
Probably About $1900 Dollars
alejandro king
8k? we dont even have 4k tv here in usa......the only 4k movies or videos are in netflix or you tube .............
Even 4K contents still limited how is it time for 8K 🤦‍♂️
Massive 1234
😱 dude you know how easy it is to carry it in to my house it make my life much easier
Belita William
8k is good because it will push prices of 4k down. Vizio's better models go for between $600 - $1200, Samsung around $2500. Any 1080p TV out there is $150. Prepare to buy top of the line $200 or less 4k TVs!
Games Online
Him: its finally time for 8k tv
Me: its finally time for 4k tv
Anduin Lothar
Let me guess 10 grand lol
Chris Child
Screw 8K! Don’t get me wrong it’s going to look amazing and the like, however in 2019 we barley have enough 4K content let alone going to 8K. I have 4K movies on disk and Netflix does a good job but to upgrade again on a TV just for the random 8K content that might drop? Sod that 😂 I have a £1400 58” 4K tv for my PS4 pro and Xbox x and sadly don’t have enough cash to just randomly pick up another TV that no doubt will cost at least £2000 minimal for at least a few years.
Energy Flows
yay!!! lets get a 60 inches 8k display so we can sit 50cm from TV to percieve the extra resolution! sounds like a smart choice!
Rod Thompson
Wow its Austin powers annoying brother.
tom welling
small the better nice laptops nice small TV too big
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The Coolest Laptop Design Yet... It's Finally Time for 8K 2 days ago   04:30

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