Amelia and Avelina build a funny Emma & Jannie Pretend Play 2 days ago   10:12

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Amelia and Avelina build a funny robot adventure.

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Adri Alvarez
Amelia abd Avelina i Love you becues you are the best
Mathea Reyes
Mathea Reyes
sharon carolan
You are sooooooooo funny
Cookies and cream party Furlong
Amelia do you have a twin
thereres kouassi
Whoa whoa whoa that is look like that's a melia robot
Jeremias Quinanola
you have amazing video
Iwona Kg
Hahaah OMG so cool😂😂😂😂😋😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iwona Kg
Amelia and avelina i love you😙
Đức Thông hoàng
The robot is like Amelia,very like
Rise French
Amazing video great job.
probir karmokar
COOL THANKS the video is the best way to videos
Bb Bb
Fortnite Gamer
omg ha ha ha😂😂😂so cool
Michel Hendriksen
Ik moet zeggen dat we enorm genieten van jullie video's. Mijn zoontje van 4 en dochtertje van 10 maanden genieten er echt van. Dank jullie wel! En hoop dat jullie nog veel meer leuke video's blijven maken. Groetjes van een happy papa.
Geo Mil
Kacper Leszczyński
Can you record a room toour ? Please!!!
[Oops Toy] 웁스토이
Feeling better video♡♡♡
Thank you for your video♥♥♥
Anahit Monaco
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Emma & Jannie Pretend Play Amelia and Avelina build a funny 2 days ago   11:46

Emma and Jannie pretend play with a pink soda vending machine toy for kids. The vending machine dispenses toy drinks. Emma and Jannie learn about coins and play money by putting it into the vending machine.

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