The Engineering Challenges of Renewable Energy: Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution 1 day ago   11:32

This week we are looking at renewable energy sources and why we need them. We’ll explore hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar power, as well as some of the challenges, and how engineers are working to make their use more widespread.

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The thing about wind and solar is that they tend to compliment each other. If it's cloudy then it's probably also windy and clear skies might not have a lot of wind. You can also off set the issues with good meteorological knowledge, if you know the weather patterns of an area you can use that to compensate. Oceans for example usually have strong winds making them excellent for wind farms and this is how Denmark generates almost half of it's yearly energy usage with wind power alone. And it also turns out that you can supply peak demands with wind and solar since the amount of wind blowing changes throughout the day just like sun exposure. Again by choosing your location cleverly you can exploit natural differences.
Hamed Adefuwa
I'm halfway through the video and just keep thinking.. batteries batteries batteries
A dwarf star will come in handy
7:24 For Solar PVs, transmission is not of a problem, at least in a residential/commercial setting where power is utilized where it is generated. Of course, transmission is a problem for all types of larger scale utility scale power generation.
Wowow Slippy
I hate her voice
Brady Robertson
who else is here because of school........................LOL
Tyler Gray
whos watching this at school?
Christopher Mitchell
Renewable Energy creates more pollution and harm to environment than fossil fuels and nuclear. Solar is expensive clearing land and killing animals and reptiles. Solar is unreliable and not sustainable, so people will burn wood and coal in each individual home to compensate for what solar lacks. What will be done with spent solar paneling ? What is used in the process of the panels ? The renewable energy will kill off more land, trees, animals, and create more pollution. Fact.
Sabit Md AsAd
Is it possible to get electricity by using mass & kinetic energy?
Dan Victor
You can work and research renewable energy following the career of Chemical Engineering
not 1/2 century, 1/4
Hi guys. I was working control for the England V Columbia game and this weekend we dealt with just less than 50% renewables on the GB system. Any questions about how we manage renewables on the system let me know. Geography, asynchronous machines etc.

Else if people want more I suggest a free download of MacKay's Sustainable Energy Without the Hotair.
Kyle Vining
Um maybe you should mention how cheap solar energy has gotten in the last decade?
Loui Coleman
It’s actually already possible with solar + batteries. The challenge is just to scale up and reduce costs.
Nuclear and CCS is the only solution while we wait for renewables to scale up.
Mohammad Juma
@ 1:40 a wind turbine used by mistake when you was talking about steam engine. Use steam turbine animation would be better
Who is this speaker? You never show her name or why we should be listening to what she says. Please include the name and title/field of work your presenters are in if you want them to have any credibility. For all we know, as the audience, you could have just picked up this good lookin' brown girl off the street because it would attract more views. Obviously I'm sure that's not the case and I imagine she's an engineer of some discipline, but those new to the channel don't know who she is.
Ansh Agarwal
We need dyson sphere
Rahsaan Footman
Has CC covered storage and transmission of power? I remember as a teen wondering why batteries weren't used. It wasn't until college that i learned that isn't just about generating power but also the voltage and amperage. (How much and how strong the electrical power coming to you) In this is a Crash Course, but those things play a big part in power generation.
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Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution The Engineering Challenges of Renewable Energy: 1 day ago   11:43

Germany Trade & Invest presents its short film about Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution, the so called Energiewende (energy transition).
Voices from science, industry, and politics outline the achievements made so far, next steps, and the opportunities the energy transition offers.

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