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Ruby Stewart
I love u Jayden
Julia Pascual
Aaaah this video is amazing
Unlucky Kitty13
My friend and I recently broke a friendship with someone whom I will call W. W was being controlling. He would always talk about how I am not a good friend because I don't have enough time to play games with him, and he would talk about how my choices for games are horrible because they're not popular or well known. I didn't like talking to him, but I just never said a thing because he would get my friend, Ginger, to go talk to me and get me to talk to him. The red flag that Ginger got was when W was demanding that she call him 24/7. W had issues making friends because he said that every single time he makes a friend, they would hurt or betray him in a way that would cause him to stop being their friend. So he only had Ginger to talk to, because I would be busy with other things to talk to him. That demanding calls gave me the red flag that he was controlling, but Ginger didn't see it as controlling.
Until some time later, where W was harassing Ginger's boyfriend, Link. Around that time, W has developed feelings for Ginger, and I had a feeling that W might be trying to get Ginger as his girlfriend. He would constantly tell Link that he's going to hurt Ginger to the point of death, which caused Link's anxiety to become worst. I had to step in and stop it because W was spamming me in class, telling me to get Ginger to fix her relationship with Link or he'll fix it for them. The reason why I stepped in was, I was in class and I didn't want to be lectured about not replying by W, and I honestly wanted W to stop harassing Link. So I tried to help them, while Ginger was sleeping. Ginger woke up, got me to stop, and then tried to stop W and Link. I told Link to just block W, because I know W won't stop harassing him.
After all of that, W would lecture me and make me sound like the bad guy for trying to get him to stop, and make Ginger make me feel bad about not helping W. He used Ginger, my best friend of 7+ years, to control me. But Ginger is finally getting sick of W. Ginger was getting sick off of stress from home and W breathing down her neck. Every time Ginger refused to call him, W would message me, saying that he was going to off himself because Ginger didn't want to call him. That was the biggest red flag ever if I ever read it. I told him that Ginger was getting sick from stress, and he said, "People can't get sick off of stress! And calling me isn't that stressful!" It took at least a few more weeks, around Valentine's day, when I finally stood my ground and told him off, and just blocked him. What got to me, was him sending me images of his arm, after he cut himself. My friends in a Hetalia AU Server told me that this guy was being controlling and needs to go see someone. I had tried to get him to see a therapist or call the Suicide Hotline, and he said to me, "You're fucking stupid to think that I would call them." I told Ginger of this after blocking him, to never let me back into a group chat with him again, because I was done with him.
A week or two later, Ginger blocked him because he said that she can't do shit because of how lazy she is and how she never wants to fix anything. That came from when Ginger told him that she doesn't need help fixing a functioning relationship with Link. I had those red flags from W since the demanding of calls, while Ginger didn't get any until a few weeks before he started to threaten suicide if she ever stop being his friend. Of course, Ginger was able to get away from it easily, since we were able to see the red flags early.
But Ginger had to deal with someone who was emotionally abusing her and tricking her for 4 years straight, before the ex boyfriend came to see her. That ex boyfriend, was D. D was that asshole who would lie through his teeth to keep anyone with him. D gave me, ALL the red flags when we spoke privately. He told me that he was going to get a new job, but I can't tell Ginger, so she wouldn't be upset, and how he was going to take over America and make it great again, and how he dreams of me and Ginger sleeping together, in that way, when Ginger is as straight as can be. But Ginger never saw those red flags until a few weeks before their 4th year anniversary, where Ginger founds out all the truths about D and dumped him, as he was going on and on and on about how much of a bitch she was. He tried to get back with her, but Ginger just denies being with him again. She saw many red flags about him, but she never acted on them because of the "good" parts of the relationship. Luckily, Ginger has enough experience to know if a guy was going to try to use her like D or not. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't happen to others. We're just lucky we got out of that friendship and she got out of that relationship with D.
Sorry if this was hella long and venty, but this video reminded me of what gave me and Ginger red flags.
Wafflez Online
8:08 - me when the teacher calls on me in math.
__ Akemi Hamada __
7:20 *unless your himiko*
MEH 004
Manipulation is happening to me now
mike hwang
RED FLAG(saying into a microphone
Talia Drawz
Omg himiko toga lol
El Rocky Raccoon
Great video. Perfect balance of humor and actually good advice. :D
I just watched James’s video on mr beast’s video with the battle royale
Tomas Noriega
Boman Blomstrom
My gf says she needs me, and she says that if i die/break up she will kill herself since she has bo reason to live then and idk what to do so can i have some advice?(if I would like to break up with her)
az mad
Yeah see a professional, keep your ecosystem, and finish this shitty life alone taking pills every meal. I mean there is some truth in what you said, but i find it more selfish and individualistic, only time will tell if this sort of lifestyle is actually healthy, or just a reflection of how as human beings are putting people in packages with price tag, like how we consume things in this mad era.
Nicholas Boldeskou
What happened Jaden? No more uploading?!
ender xe
ender xe
Kate Crowe
This was really personal for me, and I’m sure that a lot of people feel the same. I’ve had this friend since 2nd grade ( do it’s been a while.) and I didn’t really realize how much she walked all over me and manipulated what I did. For me this video was like a wake up call, so thank you Jaiden
TheOneAndOnlyAJ 11
Can’t be in a bad relationship if you can’t be in a relationship at all
Crystal Ace Lover
i saw himiko toga
Alyson Encino
Is that Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia on 7:21? 🤔😏
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