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people are weird sometimes

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Zoe Lacosse
Weird Anxiety
I’m very scared...I got a troll add...It was very scary...I’m very scared...Soooo...I am now forever traumatized
1 like = 1 prayer for meh...
Riley Wilson

it’s my ecosystem
vave schultz
thank you for this video it really helped recently I broke up with one of my good "friends" who ignored me mistreated me and embarrassed me but I finally spoke up to her and told her she was causing my personal depression it has been about a month without her and dang it feels good thank you jaiden
Victoria's Studio
But what if that person sits RIGHT BESIDE U until the end of the year???
Chris bromley-west
7.5 billion? it was only 6.5 billion 7 years ago? population doesn't grow that fast, it's about +10% every 20 years?
Zxyth Seal
But what if the person got depression and intended on killing itself?
What if the person gets bully? What if the person has nobody to rely on to?
Let's say like a person who have problems, a reality in which he can't change (like family complexity) and being bullied at the same time.
I mean, does that mean that I'm a bad person if i don't help him? What if just because i don't help him that time, that he is dead today?
And how about the types who really likes to hides their feeling but dying and hopes for someone to help them at the same time?

Its just, if i dont help them, i am afraid that they would eventually fall and kill themselves at the end.
L H12345
This really helps me.. Thank you so much
0:34 Yo real talk though, this is the most annoying shit ever, I'm not trying to have tomato-potato-jelly toast. Don't ask me how the tomato got in, my roommates are weird.
Kay Cee
I was definitely one of those people. So toxic, so aggresive, so hateful, so unhappy, so depressed. I was a terrible person and I regret everything I've done to my friends and family. I knew what I did was wrong but it was the only thing that'd calm me down. I hurt people I hurt myself. Now I'm the one who everybody fears, I didn't have anybody by my side at that time. I have a friend and she was the most different out of all my friends... no matter how aggressive or toxic I get, she was always there to comfort me and try cheering me up but I kept on declining her comfort and that's when she really had enough, she tried talking some sense into me and that what I was doing was wrong and that I should stop it. I ended up hurting her and I feel so bad and hated myself for doing it. Everybody in my school always try to avoid me because they know. But I've changed now and now me and my friend made up and I'm a completely different person. The way how my parents treated me was horrid and that's how I got my behaviour. I will never forget those days..
Ross the Chihuahua
This video made me realize I was being kind of a toxic friend towards my best friend, I'm gonna try and change now
Bao Tran
Ass hole that wat u say
Dating & Relationship Advice
Wow, this s really worth trying! Thank you!
weird human123
huh i guess its good not having friends
5:22 dont let them forcefully WHAT?! MOMMY!
Sally - mote, hmm, MAKE OUT?!
1:43 with captions it says FBI OPEN UP!
Jewels Espinosa
Obviously you’re not gonna see this but.. what if it’s your family?
Conner U
How are you so amazing in all situations XD
Rei San
This helped me to finally get rid of a toxic relationship that have been going on for about 6 years

It felt really good thanks mate
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My Best Bro Is A Grandma Things about Relationships I wish 1 day ago   07:31




Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a really tough guy, you know. So this story is not one of the ones I've gotten used to telling. But it’s proof that some great stuff happens sometimes. And here is how it all played out.

Around a year ago I was hanging out with some friends when I got a strange Whatsapp message from an unknown number. It had an old lady’s selfie and it said "Hello." I showed this to the guys and they said I should send a selfie back. I was in a great mood so did it. “Great smile!” — she answered — “But who is it, Jane? Your new boyfriend??” We laughed so hard at that and decided to send another message. “No, this is your new boyfriend, grandma” — we wrote.

Then there was a pause. Probably because she discovered that she had messed up numbers or was shocked at our obnoxious answer. After an hour or so while I was waiting for a burger, I ended up receiving lots of emojis and texts in an apology from her. She was going to invite her friend for dinner but was having difficulties with her new phone. I said that I would have been happy to be that friend because I had no doubt that her dinner was going to be much better than mine. She immediately sent crying smiles, a photo of a baked chicken, and her exact address. But it was just too much that day and I declined her invitation.

I didn’t understand it then but this was the start of our friendship. I knew that I could write to her and she would respond. Usually, we would send each other selfies or thumbs up. But the other day when I was hungry, out of money, and wandering around, she invited me to dinner [come to dinner] and I couldn’t say no. Teresa met me with a soulful smile and some pumpkin soup. Before that, I thought I hated any kind of pumpkin dish. She told me that she had been living alone since her husband’s death, but that she had lots of friends so she didn’t feel lonely. I told her that I was out of money because I was trying to save some up for a new skateboard. She told me that her grandson was going to visit her soon and that she would be very happy to introduce me to him because he was as crazy about skateboarding as I was. I told her that my parents worked long days and that I could spend my time however I wanted. She asked me if I could help her with choosing a present for her grandson. I, happy and full from a really awesome dinner, said sure.

She was going to give him a ukulele, but the guy I saw in the AC/DC t-shirt (he was like this in one of her photos) didn’t seem to be a huge country music fan. So Teresa and I took a walk through the city in search of something special. First, I thought it might be embarrassing to be seen just walking around with an old woman. Teresa somehow read my mind. “Oh, boy — she said — If you see your friends, I can pretend to be blind so you can help me cross the street.” She could've been offended by this but instead, she laughed. It was then that I understood how stupid I was.

That day we chose some really cool headphones for her grandson, powerful and stylish ones. She was so happy with this present that it was impossible not to envy him. But I was trying.

A few weeks later, I noticed that I hadn’t heard from her for a while. And she wasn't answering her messages. So I went to her house. I found her listless and heartbroken. She said her grandson was not going to visit her: he had chosen to go off with his friends instead, for that vacation. She asked me to call her the next day or the next week because she was too sad to talk about girls and other stuff. So I went home feeling angry at the guy in the AC/DC t-shirt. How dare he make Teresa so sad? I didn’t want to leave things how they were.
So in half an hour, I was knocking at Teresa’s door again. I brought her my PlayStation and lots of ice cream (I heard girls like that when they're sad). She was stunned when saw me with all this sadness-killing equipment. First, she wasn’t going to play, but then… we discovered [K.O.] that she was the real Mortal Kombat crusher! In a couple of hours she came back to life. I was very proud of that. I knew that I didn’t just help an unknown old lady, I helped my friend. We decided to make this a sort-of therapy session once a month. We named it the Fight-the-Sadness-Away Day.

My parents never even noticed me coming home late, and they didn’t know the address of Teresa’s house or that I had made such a strange friend. I’m telling you this because once, when I came to Teresa’s house with my PlayStation, I found her on the floor, incapacitated. I was shocked to tears, but somehow I managed to call an ambulance. They took her to the hospital. She was unconscious and I was just sitting in the hall waiting.

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