Dear Ex, Tell The TRUTH Next Birth Vlog | Our emotional live 1 day ago   1:20:15

Salice Rose
Never address this again. Had to say my truth. Lets move forward! God bless!!

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abby Rodriguez
I have so much respect for you girl! I am sorry that you have to go through this, this is just horrible and not fair at all. I can tell you are a good person and you cared about her a lot. It sucks that people take advantage of good hearted people and people who have a platform. I hope your days get better and you start to feel better. I’m sending you positive vibes and love ❤️
Ashley Alaniz
I’ve had an ex do this to me and never got to speak my truth and had so many people turn against me and I just want to say I feel your pain so much and I’m so sorry and I’m just throwing so much positive energy towards your new relationship and this new journey without toxic energies. So so so much love for you ❤️
Max Payen
Girl don't ever let a person get you down you are beautiful inside and out never forget that.
Jocelyn Contreras
Crazy how she tried to change the story and salice paid for the bills and where she steeped to even pay a 240 haircut
Maria Escalera
I loveeee you mamas !❤️ your such a strong person I always look up too🥰 GOD BLESS YOU I LOVE YOU 😘 XOXO biscuit 😍
Jeska Nicole Chuaunsu
You’ve gained a new subscriber in me. 💯
Carrey Verwey
I love you Salice❤👑
Lucy Carpenter
Girl I admire everything about you! I aspire to be just as mentally strong as you. Your a damn boss! I love how respectful you are about this whole situation, your strong, your compassionate. I know what it's like to have someone try to manipulate you and that shits tiring. It can be totally exhausting having to deal with someone like that. But you a boss! You know what you deserve, you know what you want and you fuckin get it, regardless! You fuckin Inspire me to not give up! To push myself! To bring my dreams and goals to reality! To love myself and know my damn worth! Thank you so fuckin much! I love you! Keep aspiring, keep inspiring, keep hustling! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Cecilia Duarte
Forever believed you love, as a fan for years. Your the realist beesh I've seen on any social media and would never switch on you.❤
Rae Tulman
14:23 yIKESS.
Rae Tulman
10:11 omg that sounds like so much to do dhfkgkjdjjs
Jeska Nicole Chuaunsu
Lmfaooo the blackheads part got me dead😂😂
MonaLisa Cage
Omg you cut your hair 😲 you look good though
Ingrid Nunez
“A Netflix serious” lmao I love you salice!
Shellbbs C
Gotta do what we gotta do baby girl I LOVE YOU SALICE!!! ALWAYS DO YOU!!! Put YOU first, you’re such an inspiration and how dare someone do this. #PRACTICEWHATYOUPREACH
Girl I don't even know you. I've never seen your videos before but this one came up on my recommended. Girl. How did you even put up with that little girl, omg she looks like a sock! You are WAY too pretty for that. You seem like you are WAY too much of a great person to put up with someone like that.
Edith R
Love You Salice Rose💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Elvia Marquez
Damn she’s 31 and acting like this ..... LOW
Amy Monson
She coulda paid for her stuff with the $1800 you gave her 🤦smh...she sure did have money for beer and at the end of the day Your NOT Responsible for Her Stuff!
Marilyn Gonzalez
I love you Salice! You do you and on behalf of all those assholes who be coming at you side ways sorry for their ignorance. I love you and take some time to get away from social media and all the toxic ppl, and you know what do you fuck all the negative ass people!
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Birth Vlog | Our emotional live Dear Ex, Tell The TRUTH Next 1 day ago   21:41

Thank you so much for watching. I cannot believe the day has finally come where I get to share Briza's. birth story. Giving birth to Briza was such a healing experience for us. I still feel like I am living a dream. I cherish every single moment with her and I am so grateful that I get to experience the things that I was robbed of experiencing with Braxton. We had a major scare right before my emergency C Section which I will talk about in a later video. I am so thankful for my doctor and his team for listening to our concerns and for always keeping such a close eye on Briza. Thank you all for your love and support and I cannot wait to share more experiences of our family of four with you all xoxo

About me:
Hi, I'm Braxton's Mommy. I was 40 weeks + 1 Day pregnant the day that I learned Braxton no longer had a heartbeat. That was the worst day of my life- the day my life was changed forever. (September 11, 2018)
When I was pregnant with Braxton, I LOVED watching Youtube videos. I spent so many hours watching videos about pregnancy, newborns, what to pack in a diaper bag or hospital bags. I recently decided to start documenting my journey after losing Braxton. I want to do anything I can to keep my son's name alive. Filming my feelings has helped me cope and I have hope that one day I will also help other parents who have also lost their baby.

My instagram: @Feli_urvana
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Jonathan's IG: @jrios_photography (He does my drone shots :)
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