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This speech is a call to action. We spend about eighty percent of our day at work, the rest is at home. If we have a bad day at work we are likely to take that negativity home with us and vice versa. It is of paramount importance that we create healthy environments in the spaces that most affect our lives by giving of our best and receiving the like in return. The 5 Chairs is a powerful and systematic method which helps us master our own behaviours and manage the behaviours of others. To be a good leader is to contribute to the success and happiness of everyone, at work and at home, on a conscious level. The 5 Chairs offer 5 Choices. Which will you choose?

Behavioral Coach, Corporate Trainer, Author of ‘5 Chairs 5 Choices’. Louise Evans heads up her own organization in Florence, Italy from which she offers international leadership development, cross-cultural transitional coaching and personal development programmes for individuals and teams working in international contexts. She is English but has lived and worked in Germany, France and for the last 30 years in Italy.
Three things have always been important in her life - people, travel and the performing arts - all three of which she combines in her daily work. Having travelled to seven-five countries and experienced culture shock three times, Louise brings multiple perspectives to the present moment to help people connect across their differences. Louise believes deeply in people’s ability to grow and transform. What she values most is helping people strengthen their self-awareness and their understanding of others so that they bring their best selves into the world in every situation.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Well said greatly explained
Crisalida Thomassie
Just amazing, lots of good information. Thanks so much!
ahmad kadango
wise stuff huh......wise
Ana Abraham
Thank you for your advice! I will put it into practice
Jim Strader-Sasser
Your talk so wonderfully invites us to consider our ladders of inferences. Your recommendation to stop-breathe-reflect&choose using visual checkpoints is magnificent. Thanks!
chibi saravanan
I was in chair of self doubt and had considered it as judging myself , I came to know that it as a mistake ,thanks a lot .
Ethel Peisker
Thanks Louise, fantastic! Beautiful analogy! 💐
Nicholas Lwazi
I'm glad I watched this video I was suffering from self doubt feelings of insecurity and anger but watching this made me to realize my problem and I'm going to teach others .
Ruken Akbulut
just by chance I saw this amazing talk, I improved my english with "English Today" .You are amazing teacher , so inspring and beautiful woman.Thanks 🤗
João Resende
Great Louise. I learned a lot of english with you in " english today". Thank you.
Jo Otunga Ranyuongi
Fantastic insight into how we all have choices about how we behave and could be more thoughtful about them, often the best outcome is not the most obvious
Arely Murguia
This ted talk just answered the question I couldn’t figure out for myself or listen to from other people that have constantly been telling me, specially my partner.
I can put this to work to improve my relationship with my partner as I’ve been needing to get out of the self-doubt and attack chair for a very long time.
Wait and Connect are my goals
Andrew Distad
kanchan rana
So true. Can relate it easily to ourselves ... 👍
Eurico da Silva
Louise thanks so much!
Marisol Vazquez
Is there a link or an option to have a translation in Spanish?
Very nice presentation and much needed advice for many of us who struggle with the younger generation's fixation on their beloved gadgets!
Nam Tretriluxana
Love this talk. I’m going to watch it again with my family.
Nneka Nwaoha
This is the best Ted talk I have watched so far. It speaks volumes to me most especially in my present situation. I mostly find myself sitting on the red and yellow chair when I’m upset but this has thought me a lot beyond just being right. Thank you Louise.
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How to motivate yourself to change your Own Your Behaviours, Master Your 2 days ago   16:49

What does make us change our actions? Tali Sharot reveals three ingredients to doing what's good for yourself.

Dr. Tali Sharot is a neuroscientist at University College London and the director of the Affective Brain Lab. She is a faculty member of the department of Experimental Psychology, a Wellcome Trust Fellow, and currently a visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School. Her research focuses on how emotion, motivation, and social factors influence our expectations, decisions, and memories.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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