Trying to Buy the FIRST 2020 Supra VOLKSWAGEN JETTA - Everything You Need 1 day ago   17:04

Tj Hunt
Today I let you guys in on my hidden quest for the last 12 months! Launch Edition Supra, I'm comin' for ya!
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Poway, CA

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michael perkins
My dad actually works at toyota headquarters in Plano Texas and he writes curriculum for the 2020 supra and they shipped some out and he got to take one home everyday for awhile now and I drove it once before and I'm 16 but the car is very dope and I really like so have fun with it
Mic Tuning
MICTUNING GlowStar 5-Row 30 Inch 60% off
wera gewr
I had to flag the video because you were trying to buy a bmw supra not a toyota. So false advertising
Michael Kastner
Slow down bro, your giving me a heads
Michael Kastner
You must be balling big time to be able to buy a Toyota!!!
Michael Kastner
So let me get this straight, your soo special you get invited to a special showing of this car, but aren’t given an allocation to buy a car ? What a waste of time!! Or it never happened
Michael Kastner
Congrats on blowing this kid in his new Supra !!!!
Michael Kastner
Your so special, you got to see and sit in a BMW-Z4 !!! Earth 🌍 shattering!!!
Larry The Lobster
93 degrees?
*Laughs in 108 degrees in Vegas
olsian bimaj
Try a bmw dealer ship
Logan Clark
call Aldermans Toyota in rutland VT
1985 Celica Supra L-Type 2nd Gen were ballin'........JDM fender mounted side mirrors for life
No real car guy wants that BMW Z4 rip-off...
Do you mean the first bmw supra(ish)?
Daniel Fearon
"Who I are"..😂😂😂yoo @tjhunt
Adam Ayers
I offered 800k
Jason Brown
My dealership has 3 in right now just sitting there untouched in Rome Georgia
Why are is their so much editing in the video? Makes it so uneasy to watch :(
The car you want has the same engine as my BMW Hatchback M140 lol
I might have a shot to get you one and I’m local to you. I’m an Internet Manager and Fleet Manager in Esco. What’s your email?
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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA - Everything You Need Trying to Buy the FIRST 2020 Supra 1 day ago   12:34

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