Ukrainian army committed war crimes Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time 11 months ago   06:30

Диванный партизан

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MaLaYa ReVolts
If you don't want to be the victim, don't turn your back on Ukraine. don't like ukraine? don't stay in ukraine. it's easy. you are seen to have provoked conflict, the Ukrainians only want to defend their sovereignty and independence from the separatists.
kumar manjeet mahto mier
and vice was doing nothing
Saltwater Silhouette
They’re peaceful lives have been turned upside down by separatists! No separatists No War SIMPLE
Dia Podushka
Eastern People: Why Don't We Just Go To The Western Part Already?
Ivan: Won't They Shoot At Us And Them?
My Dad: We Are Just Gonna Stay Here And Wait For My Daughter To Come. I Wouldn't Be Dead By That Time Right?
Me and Myself in London Town
For the Russians in the Donbass ... who might be reading this .... and this is a genuine question .... Cant you just leave that place and move to Russia ..? .. I know you were born there and yes I know you are the majority there ... but it just makes absolute no sense to stay ... for purely practical reasons ... The Ukrainians dont want you there and I think it is safe to say that the relationship between Russians and Ukrainians are beyond salvaging. I know a few Russians and there now seems to be nothing but hate for the Ukraine. But apart from that - the Ukraine is a failed 3rd world country. Been there and its backward. It will never be incorporated into the EU - We have our own issues and I think it safe to say nobody in the EU is in the mood to take in that country. Turkey has zero chance but Turkey is at least three times more likely. There are likely economic and political storms heading our way - and once Europe's economies start to falter the Ukraine is stuffed and on its own as Russia will also give them the middle finger. The EU and Russia will also resume relations in the future - resources, business, and the EU doesnt want things to escalate with Russia - nobody has the stomach for a future nuclear confrontation. Ignore these EU and Nato generals barking all day - they are ignorant toddlers without a day's combat experience trying to push budgets - nobody takes them serious..Big business makes the rules and the polititians and generals suck them off every day. Russia is a massive country and for the most part unpopulated ... Russia is going somewhere ... the Ukraine is a basket-case. Its got terminal cancer. You understand what I am saying .. ? In Russia at least you have a future .... Yes Putin is corrupt and Russia has its own problems - but most Russians live their lives and live it peace.
Me and Myself in London Town
As was the case in the former Yugoslavia - just follow the money. Wherever John McCain, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland stick their greasy fingers in - shortly after everything turns to shit.

Just after maidan. And just before Maidan millions of american taxpayer dollars donated to the 'opposition'..Gullible people.
issa hussein
Never cry at a funeral. Ever. Be envious that you were not as near to God as the dead person in the grave
Cem Gündüz
The reason why terror is existing.
Russell Bonner Bentley
Russian propaganda as usual 😏
This warms my heart. Death to Russia.
Гавьна кацапу на язьк
they called rASSia rASSia. And rASSia came
The White Eagle
I hope one day the same thing will happen in Ukraine
Asriel Dreemurr
Only nazis are Russians. Ukraine was absolutely calm country with absolutely calm nation, then the bunch of Ruϟϟians came into Crimea, occupied it, started putting their heavy weaponry between civil buildings so Ruϟϟian propagandists could say ,,Ukrainians are killing their own civilians”. The most weapons that Ruϟϟians put between civil buildings are “Urals” with rockets.
a ahir
Vice fake
slime boy
Well, yeah. This thing can be happen if they just holding their ground. Someone needs to push! Yeah... Yeah... I know it's a real war and not a COD. But if u just stay and holding the ground. Well, anything worse can be happen. Just like ww1
WowKalasch Ak47
Vice News pro Facist Antifa Motherfuckers. I hope the will Burning this bastards.
Shoot the soldiers, not civilians
Video from 11th of August.
What "rebels"? Now its all know who were those ones with russian weapons, in russian tanks and with expensive army equipment and so on. What "rebels"? Few bandits on Blockposts? Stop being dumb. That little area had and has no local rebels. All those well equiped and well trained soldiers are from Russian regular army. Its allready known by everyone.
Umberto Moriega
Russians are well-known for killing their own people without a tiny bit of conscience. From using chemical weapons your own people: in 1920's to Russian apartment bombings in 1999 to justify a war against tiny Chechnya: . So who could deny that this bombing was not conducted by Putin's thugs themselves?
Shlomo Oyveyshekelsteinberg
what about the passengers and flying attendants that pro russian rebels killed? Those bastards even took selfies in front of the destroyed airplane!! Isn't it a war crime that russia made??
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Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time Ukrainian army committed war crimes 11 months ago   15:31

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Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time

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