Ukrainian army committed war crimes Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time 5 months ago   06:30

Диванный партизан

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Asriel Dreemurr
Only nazis are Russians. Ukraine was absolutely calm country with absolutely calm nation, then the bunch of Ruϟϟians came into Crimea, occupied it, started putting their heavy weaponry between civil buildings so Ruϟϟian propagandists could say ,,Ukrainians are killing their own civilians”. The most weapons that Ruϟϟians put between civil buildings are “Urals” with rockets.
a ahir
Vice fake
slime boy
Well, yeah. This thing can be happen if they just holding their ground. Someone needs to push! Yeah... Yeah... I know it's a real war and not a COD. But if u just stay and holding the ground. Well, anything worse can be happen. Just like ww1
Sanja 1Klas
Vice News pro Facist Antifa Motherfuckers. I hope the will Burning this bastards.
Shoot the soldiers, not civilians
Video from 11th of August.
What "rebels"? Now its all know who were those ones with russian weapons, in russian tanks and with expensive army equipment and so on. What "rebels"? Few bandits on Blockposts? Stop being dumb. That little area had and has no local rebels. All those well equiped and well trained soldiers are from Russian regular army. Its allready known by everyone.
Nie lubię Ukraińców za Wołyń ale jeszcze bardziej nie cierpię Rusków za II Wojnę, którą z Niemcami wywołali. Bez tej wojny nie byłoby "Wołynia" a Polska byłaby większa i bogatsza.
Umberto Moriega
Russians are well-known for killing their own people without a tiny bit of conscience. From using chemical weapons your own people: in 1920's to Russian apartment bombings in 1999 to justify a war against tiny Chechnya: . So who could deny that this bombing was not conducted by Putin's thugs themselves?
Shlomo Oyveyshekelsteinberg
what about the passengers and flying attendants that pro russian rebels killed? Those bastards even took selfies in front of the destroyed airplane!! Isn't it a war crime that russia made??
I hope they find the killers.
In war, the normal people die, and the richest make the profits
Number 13
“...civillians are getting hurt in deadly crossfire...”

“...deadly crossfire...”



Eastern Ukranians only crime was to ask for equal treatment and rights!

Poroshenko, the corrupt pig has said it live on TV many times

“our children will go to schools and kindergarden, their children will hide in basements!”

Former Ukranian president: * “Hell they should all be killed with nukes!” *

In reference to the,
“8 million ethnic Russians in East Ukraine”
Number 13
Ukrainians are in a genocidic crusade against ethnic Russians in East Ukraine (Donbass and Donetsk) They have admitted it many times on live television and been caught through intercepted calls.
Pepe ShekelStein
We don't get this news covered in middle east, it's unfair seeing how innocent people go through when all they want is a normal life yet they're treated as terrorists and die just like what Israelis do to Gaza. This world is truly twisted.
This is Russian propaganda. I was in the Ukraine and Russians would torture and execute Ukrainians
Poroshenko is a disgusting creature not even worthy being called human. I hope this man experiences what the people in Donbass are.
Hakan Uygur
This is the game off israil and usa fuck the terorist usa and israil
guy piercamp
The guilty is putin,he doesnot even help you..russian army doesnt help ya,so..u gonna die if you dont want run away..
Kadir Aksoy
Russian Tartar Cucks BTFO'd !
John Connor
Someone please help them!
Y. H.
Russian propaganda)
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Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time Ukrainian army committed war crimes 5 months ago   15:31

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Top 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time

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