Painful and Epic Fails 2019 1 SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER vs 5 YOUTUBERS 1 day ago   05:13

Our compilations are filled with ultimate and epic fails, stupid fails, pranks gone wrong, people getting owned, bloopers, accidents, stupid girl fails, animal fails, funny moments, funny videos and more fails from 2019!
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Painful and Epic Fails 2019

Instant Karma - Instant Justice | Stupid People Fails Compilation

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Bad Day? Stupid Fails 2019


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Bimbo Battung
Everytime a painful fail shows my balls hurts.
What am I missing in the first video?
Luke Alway
Love the vids keep it up
rudi hardiansyah
Nice video guys...complite.awaited the following visit
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1 SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER vs 5 YOUTUBERS Painful and Epic Fails 2019 1 day ago   10:14

Join Click as we take on a special forces soldier at paintball.
Can the guys band together to defeat him or crumble to the weight of this soldiers greatness?

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