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Paying a visit to Ben Sansum is like traveling back in time to another era. He's transformed his house into a 1940s relic.

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I'm like this but I'm stuck in 2007.
Wayne Gatfield
flys on modern planes computer modern bathroom...fake.
Andwyn H T Lay
Absolutely brilliant!
Theresa Murphy
Love it
Y Que Pasa Vieja
Now he has a woman and child, that's cool haha
I would love to express my love for the 40’s through fashion. I was anxious that I would be judged (and of course people will judge no matter what) but these kinds of people give me courage that I shouldn’t care about others opinions.
This is so cool.
Adam Hammers
I would love to live like early 20th century France while still liveing in America..
general riot
I will do the same thing.
emily wilson
I would love to visit for a cup of tea
Saw him on bbc first, glad to see he has found a girlfriend
0nyx Flying
I love the 40s, one of my favourite eras
I wonder if they walk down the street and ppl think they are time travelers haha.
i seen that iphone on the tabel
David Mendoza
I hope the little boy is his.... but I doubt it....
David Beckham
I live in 90s 2000s era, baggy pants, spiky hair... walkman, flipphone, wallet chain
Ron James
The 40s with the prefabs, the ration books and custard sweetened with either treacle or saccharine.
Kat Jasper
"Heaven....I'm in Heaven" happy place!!!!!
Subtle Dialogue
This guy should hook up with that 1940s obsessed woman.
Rosee Posee
I wanna live like this
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The 1940s House: The Dining Room At home in the 40s | Video of the day 2 days ago   02:34

IWM Senior Historian Terry Charman tours IWM London's 1940s House (closed January 2012) and speaks about life in wartime Britain for the typical family.

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