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Paying a visit to Ben Sansum is like traveling back in time to another era. He's transformed his house into a 1940s relic.

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Willum James
A lot more sense of community, a lot more family orientated and no wogs raping and selling crack
Willum James
Shame about the spadecount outside
Mary Lee
I love that era too.
That was sweet but he does have a very modern problem. Like most of us, he actually lives in a bubble.
Barnaby ap Robert
If he were REALLY into the 1940s then he'd made an honest woman of his girlfriend.
Iahel Cathartes Aura
Heavenly!! I agree with him entirely. Glad she got on board with it too, sweet :)
Humeera Mohd
His father is modern and his son is traditional. bravoo 👏
dolls cheeks
Her eyebrows are scary 😳.
How was the 40s any good when its full of wars?
Cindy Glass
Neat ! Thanks ... Totally Cool ! I love Retro things as well ... This video was 2010, are you still living this way ? Hope so !
Cindy :)
Joe Hernandez
🎶I'm a classic man🎶
That's what I want to do with the 1960s and 1970s. People think I'm crazy.
Wilfred Mena
When its 2090 there are going to be people reenacting 2019 ear
David Marino
I have the same love but for the 80s
Reynaldo Rivera
This is AWESOME. My favorite time period.
He's definitively a well-defined man.
TrOble Makr
😂 probably watches 40’s porn , when the dudes nuts had sideburns & the women had a bush so big you can bounce a iPhone off of it .. 😎
Niki Bazargan
Totally agree with your observations of technology and modern life. Much more connected in the past. Do you believe in reincarnation?
Thomas S bulivan
This guy is mentally unstable.
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The Victorian Era - Living in the Past | euromaxx At home in the 40s | Video of the day 1 day ago   04:27

Peter Saunders from England is a huge fan of all things dating back to the time when Queen Victoria ruled her empire. He has even created a home that is an authentic tribute to that period. We met up with one man who really is living the dream.

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