The Future of Water Made in Israel: Water 1 day ago   10:11

The world’s supply of cheap and clean fresh water will likely plummet as the climate warms and populations boom. Can we find ways to conserve, cut waste, and find new sources before it’s too late?

The latest installment of our What Happens Next series looks for solutions in an unlikely spot: a city perched on the edge of the world’s oldest desert. For the residents of Windhoek, Namibia, the arid future arrived long before the growing freshwater crisis made headlines around the world.

And this city responded to worsening cycles of drought by tapping water resources from a radical source that was already on hand: wastewater from their own city sewers. And while the technology for building a toilet-to-tap management system isn’t new, the mindset required to do here offers a lesson to any city facing an increasingly arid future.

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The Spirit of since 1998
I listened to every word and still not one person mentioned household grey water systems. With all the solar panel access we have in nearly every country and more affordable than ever, this energy source can treat using osmosis filtration of waste water within the home and re-purpose it as potable water in some uses, and then safe drinking water in others. There are filters already made that can do this. There are also home which are using grey water systems, already. It just needs to be sourced by those with vision.
Nicholas Coffey
We literally do the same thing 😓
Seize the movement
World going to build a greatest pipeline project ever which covers every draught area
tyqwan pettty
Simply carrying capacity baby
sayingthe thingstheywont
Shortage of water?
Nah, an intense over supply of worthless humans is the problem.
Syrena Xhaferi
my dad even told me we are drinking shit the usa...!
Adam A.
Are we forgetting that fish in rivers and lakes ALSO shit in the water?
jason cuico
its better to threated rather than tap.
Lisa Kukla
Pretty cool. But here's another idea: Stop shitting in clean drinking water! Jesus Christ, people, it's absolutely asinine to do all the work of getting water clean enough to drink and pumped into our homes, and then poop in it. Waterless compost toilets are the future.
Quincey Tickner
I love peeing in the Colorado River bc there is the possibility that Lebron, living in LA, will drink my pee
King Bean
I probably won't drink some shitting water even if that is clan XD
why is it against the "law" in some states to collect the rain water ? why did george w. bush buy 100,000 acres in south america over an aquifer ? to share with the thirsty world ? right.
liquid prana is another name for shivambu...which is another name for piss. : ) i drink mine now about 10 years. aged urine is super good for those hard to cure ailments. : ) cheers
brah ket
shitty sewage must be processed before dumping into the river or ocean....if u wanna drink it, that's ur bizness.....
brah ket
time to invade and occupy canada
Raafee Khan
The the next approach for the modern world would it be super sensitive sensors under faucets like in bathrooms and smart dispensing systems that dispense desired amount of water which also keep track of how much is used.
Persistent 2.0
Singapore also have neWater what
Bob Quigley
Astronauts drink their sweat, urine, water from feces.
Christiano De Marco
This is amazing process
The unfortunate side of this process they are not understanding that water has memory so by doing this it is still unhealthy. They need to wipe the memory and add sound and light
As a healing for truly restoring water to its true element.
Very little is still know about water
Scientifically . The best water comes from deep aquifers
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Made in Israel: Water The Future of Water 1 day ago   11:33

Because more than half of Israel is desert, the lack of clean water is a life-or-death issue. Gordon Robertson examines several of the ways that Israel conserves water, including desalination, drip irrigation and recycling.

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