Redflow ZCell batteries for home ABC looks at the sonnenBatterie solar battery 2 days ago   15:35

Redflow batteries are a fascinating development in energy storage.
CEO of Redflow Simon Hackett shows me around his home and office, both of which are all mainly running on solar PV and Redflow ZCell batteries.

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Ed Wood
Okay this video is over 2 years old and this looked so promising. Are there any updates?
Craig Carmichael
I'm confused... Zinc electroplates onto insulating plastic? ...Okay, I can assume it's actually some sort of graphite impregnated plastic. Bromine is... the electrolyte? Zinc metal discharges to dissolved ZnBr2? But what is the positive electrode? 15 minute video supposedly about these batteries and these basic questions didn't come up? And the voltage is? I'm left with no idea how this works.
Toni Butaru
so many types of batteries, I am impressed
Shaun Williamson
I currently have a 4kw solar system in place Im wanting to buy batteries but I want to know what is best these batteries or Lithium?
Dave Grant
Australia exports 40% of all the worlds coal, they are destroying the planet. Boycott Australia.
W Hoggdoc
Amazing technology.
Jason Carmichael
I don't care how it works!

Where is the buy it now button?
William Hughes-Games
Clearly the battery we have all been waiting for. One possible niggle though. These batteries haveto undergo a stripping cycle every 72 hours or so in which the battery is completely discharged by shorting it out and running the pump. Otherwise, spicules can grow long enough to penetrate the plates. Not a game changer because of the other huge advantages but is this automated. Seems to me, 1/ the stripping cycle must be automated or the owner is going to forget at some point and wreck his battery 2/ You pretty well have to be connected to the grid so as not to have your power go down every few days and 3/ A way around the problem would be to have two batteries on alternate cycles so that you always have power if you were not connected to the grid.
Rich B
Flow batteries are far superior to lithium ion batteries.
Kevin Sears
How about an update on this technology ??
Shaun Williamson
how much are the redflow batteries in the uk to power my house
Can we get an update with the redflow system?
Hans Janetzke
investigate in the 1970 tis flow batteries existed but not wanted because it would made atomic energy shit obsolete
the argument was wind and geothermal yes but we can't store the energie
a simple lie for the atomic bomb material
any possibly for the USA? I live in Georgia.
Two years later. Can we please get an update video?
bob cole
Are these available in the United States?
Albert Ross
Need to watch
Narasimha Puli
Redflow battery is amazing i saw many videos of this channel but redflow batteries overcame all other batteries i expect more updates from redflow through this channel
I love fully charged
Paul Edel
It's been 2 years since this video and all they have to show for it is a 10KW battery that costs $20,000 AUD ($13,500 US): How are they going to compete with something like the Tesla Powerwall 2 that is 13KW and costs $6,500 US? This is what I don't get about these companies. If you're going to succeed you have to undercut the competition. If you can't make it cheaper than lithium, then why bother?
Mark Mathews
we have a long history with flow cells in Oz , I was pissed off when the turds that run this gov gave that opportunity & cash to a ring in = tesla , & still mainstream knows nothing about our flow cell batteries, we seem hell bent on killing any industry here
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ABC looks at the sonnenBatterie solar battery Redflow ZCell batteries for home 2 days ago   05:46

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