War in Ukraine, Part 7 (Election) | History The New Rebel Offensive: Russian Roulette 1 day ago   16:36

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On May 25th, 2014, Ukraine held snap presidential elections. Approximately 35 million people have the right to vote in Ukraine. More than 5 million people were unable to show up to vote due to the occupation of Crimea and the seizure of cities by separatists in the eastern regions of the country.
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Potrci Potrazi
Blah, blah blah only lies, there are footage of how Motorola and Somali brigades break up the army of the Ukraine. There were also volunteers from other countries, but not active Russian generals. Break it off with lies, we know all your propaganda, shity Nazi!
Slava to Russia, regards from Sweden!
Haribo 73
And it's such a shame that the airport at Donetsk has been completely obliterated, I don't think that troops from either side should've occupied the site.
To keep it operational as a normal, functioning airport the United Nations should've intervened and placed peacekeepers at the site. It's subsequent destruction has had a massive impact on the economy of the area, both sides are guilty here.
Haribo 73
I hope things change for the better for you all in Ukraine, you deserve it. I also hope that you'll be able to join the EU and be a NATO partner as soon as possible, this will improve the Alliance and it will also mean that Ukraine will have many, many friends to rely on and have the full support of everyone. I'm from England BTW.
Bullshit you ukrops are nazis avoz batallion you killed people the people of crimea said We want to be russian thats IT
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The New Rebel Offensive: Russian Roulette War in Ukraine, Part 7 (Election) | History 1 day ago   15:35

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For three weeks, the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the capital of the so-called Donetsk Peoples Republic, has faced a near-constant barrage of deadly shellfire. Hundreds of civilians have been killed as the Ukrainian army slowly encircled Donetsk and pro-Russia forces fought for control of what is strategically the most important city.

With the Ukrainian army having made sweeping gains since late June, the rebels announced a counter offensive to relieve the siege of Donetsk and other cities under their control. On August 25, rebel forces brought over a number of armored vehicles and tanks from the Russian border on the southern coastline. They quickly made a push towards the coastal city of Mariupol, but were stopped at the town of Novoazovsk after a skirmish with Ukrainian troops and volunteer forces.

VICE News headed to Novoazovsk to investigate claims of Russian involvement, and found terrified civilians trapped in the shelling, along with desperate Ukrainian forces angry at their lack of reinforcement from their leaders in Kiev.

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