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Paper Doll Cartoons KIDS
Play with us, cutting out, and putting together these characters improve fine motor skills, but it’s also a wonderful way to introduce your child to cultures from around the world, bring stories and characters to life, make your own paper doll and use your imagination...
Hello everyone,

Today you'll see ADRIEN gets ready for date, with a beautiful colourful outfit !

Thanks for watching, see you next time!!!

Paper-Doll :)

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Honey Heart Surprise Toys
Great video, my friend! Like #18 from me! :)
Mirela Piljak
The workmanship is also the best.
GREAT ❤️❤️❤️
Lizi Den Toys Collection
I love the energy in your videos!!
Toy Island TV
HI Paper Doll Cartoons KIDS! Cool video. I loved the cut out flowers. I had a book that is kind of like this. You have to cut out the cloths and put them on the people. I Liked the ending whne they are having a romantic picnic. I saw wine glasses on the table. That was good that that man brought flowers. I love flowers. Your video was really great and fun to watch. I hope you have a very nice day and I hope you have fun making lots of new videos. Good bye.
Koko Magic Toys
hello hello!!! =)
Agung wandana
waw nice Paper Craft Draw and Play
Liked#13. Very nice video, great work friend, we really enjoyed^^
Learn 4 Kids
So cool!! Awesome Video😊
A Pinch Of ART
Awesome video 👍😃
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Paper Dolls Ladybug gets Play Dress-Up ADRIEN Handmade-Paper-Dolls 1 day ago   11:07


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