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Escape The Night is the longest running YouTube Original series out now. This star studded cast includes many of your favorite YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Liza Koshy, Safiya Nygaard, and me - MatPat! However, being a cast member does not stop me from theorizing about the mystery at the heart of the show - what is going on with our leading man, Joey Graceffa? Looking over the seasons and the new Escape The Night All Stars trailer, I've realized something VERY IMPORTANT. Joey is not on the same side as his YouTube friends. In fact, he is their biggest threat!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Josh Langman, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Joey Graceffa
Omg I’ve been exposed! Don’t believe anything Matt tells you HE clearly has been corrupted by the evil!
Luna EclipseQueen
Mini theory
Spoilers for spiderman:far from home

How did peter turn off all the drones using Ediht if the controles were set to Beck
alyssa painter
STRANGER THINGS THEORY NOW OR..... I won't support animal cruelty
TYSM_ Gacha Queen
And so one asked Joey at the episodes of season 4 somebody ask why are we here then
Pringle Boy gaming
Love your theory’s Mat but I would like to point out that at 16:26 in the video when Destorm said “the evil Joey”
Joey corrected him and said “the evil Joey carried”. That implies past tense. Also at the start of season 2 it shows the evil coming out from inside Joey.
I’m still upset Tim died TWICE
Thank you for introducing me to this show that is currently free so that my poor self could binge all three seasons in two days.
The eyebags under my eyes say it all.
I need to know mat pat what do you think
zimmypostsonyoutubenow !
Did you know Lele is Latina?
Jazlee's Animations
Matpat do you know theres a pilot in dhmis wakey wakey
M Lorenti
I wonder if MatPat still has Blanche 😁
matthew dearest, the ending pun is canonically incorrect because TECHNICALLY you won the throwing competition in the strongman games
but who knows lmao
we are connected
Hello are you connected with us yet
Sam Tovan
Matt get ass up I just Watch season 3 of you guess it stranger things you have to do a Do a video on it nooooooooow
Some Singer
3:03 ... isn’t that sounds like Dangaonpa?
Sofia Ortiz
Hey so I’m still waiting for the episode in which you tell us that Ron is actually Voldemort
Can you do a theory on whether hopper is still alive or not in stranger things
Turdburglartara spencer
You were my favorite on the show! I am seriously addicted to escape the night! I binge watched all three seasons in like two days ha ha. You were by far my favorite out of everyone in all the seasons
Killer Bunny
#Matt Pat dodge theory
Killer Bunny
I think you missed my theory Matt Pat
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An Invitation - Escape the Night Film Theory: Joey Graceffa 1 day ago   23:16

In this episode, the guests arrive at the house and their dinner party meets with a tragic end (the death of a guest). They discover the house is evil and they must gather special artifacts to free themselves from it.

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