Apple iPhone 6s Review in 2018 Should You Buy iPhone 6s in 2018? 2 days ago   04:04

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iPhone 6s plus review in 2018 unboxing the new iPhone 6s! is worth it? Should you buy an Apple iPhone 6s in 2018!

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Joshua Tracked
yes, it is worth it
April Privott
I brought the phone, case, screen protector and phone plan for under &180.00 a boost mobile.
Wessam Hamadneh
2 days .... complete day....MY ASS !!!
Wessam Hamadneh
I recently purchased a 128gb 6S for an insane price. Apple sure made it future proof ! The 6S is far far better than the 6. It’s not that far from the 7. And honestly I’d rather get a X than 8. The 6S is perfect in its price range
vighnesh ks
Your talking about iphone6splus
Amer Mohamad Ali
I still using my ip6s.. still working fine..
Andre 435
Just ordered mines today gold color👌
gauge honaker
wheres that case link though lol
Augusto Serrato
Port over to metro pcs and get the iPhone 6s for 49.99
Dexm YT
You could get a pre owned iPhone 6s for 130 dollars but if you have boostmobile
arman afridi
Is iPhone 6s water proof
Nitesh Mohite
I m from india i will buy 6s in *2020*.. 😀
*Hit like if u know what i mean
Kevin Juarez
I had my 6s for more than 2 years and btw it’s the 16Gb model and it’s still working great
Link to where you bought it $200.

Mine was $ 400 64gb.
Asaad kats
It’s still a very good iPhone and it’s da one am using by now though disturbed by the space
Nenno Lam
I still love the design of the iPhone 6s, it just has something to it that I just love!
gail enigma
I bought a 128 GB Brand New 6s Rose Gold last Feb 11 this year, and so far battery is great. My phone lasted 2days to 3. it runs IOS 11.3. Runs pretty fast. I still considered it as beast iphone for 2018. Maybe because I bought it new from the Apple Store, and the battery was already replaced. Don't play games in my phone.. Most of the time I only used it to text and call or access social media. But so far its still worth it. Just buy a battery case if you still want to use your 6s. If you're planning to upgrade to a higher model, my opinion is you can do that a year from now.
Hamdan Ali
and it is iphone 10, not iphone 'ex'
Hamdan Ali
last iphone without an ip rating... last iphone with a physical button... last iphone with a headphone jack............... uh bro, iphone se???
Desperate Guy
Its 2018 and i bought a new 128gb 6S plus, battery and overall performance works perfect than my existing galaxy S8 (battery life is horrible)
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Should You Buy iPhone 6s in 2018? Apple iPhone 6s Review in 2018 2 days ago   04:58

Craving a smooth iOS 11 experience but don't have the cash to burn on an astronomically expensive iPhone 8 or X? Well, you're in luck.

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