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køøkie ÙwÚ
Sky req. This mini movie so...
This mini movie took me more than 3 weeks
Becuz powerdirector keep crashing while im editing -.-

The part when me and sky dance:

Picture: 456


sky's channel:




I do not own the music

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Have a great day 💙

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køøkie ÙwÚ
Oh cringe!! XD
Isabella Fletcher
I love how u got stuff from the move enchanted , it’s cool instead of having a to do a whole bunch of scenes
Bradie Saunders
5:55 rip headphone users
Gacha Heart
Kookie BTS? Just kidding😂
GachaGamer Celeste
Only ARMYs would know who Kookie is 🤔
Brooke Lynn Roussel
0:12 they don’t sound like friends to me
Dwayne Depayso
I like the ending
AHHHHH Lester and sky is TWINS! 00F
Why why why cAnT kookie de single like a pringle
Darlene-joyce Mortel
Was that clip Giselle from Enchanted i loved that Movie but i guess everyone forgot about it or never heard from it😓😑🤣😄
Shattered_ Deery
0:06 WOW!!!! Isn't every😐
F3AN SQuad
Omg i almost cried awesome story though :)
Nathaniel Dampil
Why does everyone is so sad :(
puppy jiminie that jungkook from BTS?yup,it is cuz jungkooks name is like kookie :v still good i have the picture of jungkook and jimin here :p
Hana McMillan
He said "I hope you forget me" LOL Did you mean I hope you don't forget me? Or, please don't forget me? XD
khairul basher
Love you
Yayie Yayie
Are you tagalog u say baka
Karina Lee
Kookie from BTS?
Jackie Brown
Please put them back together is like so sad to see him with another boy
Acidic Purple
I got really confused because some of the characters changed their looks
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UnLove Marriage | Gacha Life My childhood crush | Gacha life 2 days ago   12:37

Idk if this original but enjoy

you can see how pervert I am UwU

Hmmm One of you must have heartbeat hahahhaha

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