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A 30-minute compilation of the best educational songs by Scratch Garden based on the grade one curriculum! Appealing animation, catchy songs and great music composed to enhance the learning experience for young minds. Kids will learn their lessons better and retain them for longer.

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A fun and educational video for Grade 1 also helpful for preschool, kindergarten, grade two, grade three, and ESL learners. A useful video for parents, teachers and guardians looking for easy and effective ways to teach kids through entertaining and fun learning videos!

Songs Include:

0:05 The Long & Short Vowels Song
1:52 The Sentence Song
3:35 The Prepositions Song
5:41 The Five W's Song
7:00 The Colors Song | The Colours Song
9:13 The Months of the Year Song
10:32 The Seasons Song
13:20 The Sun Song
15:13 The Counting by Twos Song
17:00 The Spelling the Numbers Song
22:12 The Counting by Fives Song
24:36 The Patterns Practice Song
26:53 The Counting by Tens Song
28:35 The Courtesy Song

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Cayden Diaz
When will you do second grade videos?
David Small
You guys are awesome, my boys love it! One is 7 months one is 6 years old and both enjoy it the same
Scratch Garden
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Markie Estrella
The reason I am watching this is I am in 1st grade
elia rodriguez
Frog is teacher
Ssk 97 You are gonna
You are gonna broke
Sherale Chisholm
I watch this at school I love this
Kathy Irk
Stacey wright
Krista Fanjoy
You messed up the months. It's not about weather it is what it is it's just fact. Dec, Jan, Feb is winter, March, April, May is spring etc. Whether or not the weather seems right for it.
Nancy Pilien
I hope your day was okay but you are the best person ever ever thank you for everything scratch garden!
Toy TV
5️⃣ w’s
Toy TV
It’s funny that apple was saying salamander
Trenise Rose
I do the colors song at my new school
Trenise Rose
I watch it on my iPad Mini
Trenise Rose
A sentence begins with a capital letter
Trenise Rose
The sentence says don’t sound the same
Trenise Rose
I love salamanders they are cute AND adorable
Trenise Rose
AEIOU to you guys
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Here We Go Looby Loo | + More Kids Educational Video for Kids | Learning 5 months ago   1:00:13

Sing and dance to this Super Simple and fun version of the classic nursery rhyme "Here We Go Looby Loo"! This collection of kids songs and nursery rhymes also includes Open Shut Them 2, This Is The Way We Get Dressed, Are You Hungry? and more fun and educational songs for kids!

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