New type of mouse trap / how to make Mouse Trap / Rat Trap / Easy 1 day ago   11:55

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New type of mouse trap / how to make mousetrap / mousetrap with scrap.
- Note the video focuses on mouse trap research.
- Action in video does not cause danger or injury to people and animals.
- You can give comments under the comment section.
- Thank you.!

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mouse channel
Mouse trap video invite you to
Jay Brown
Dude, where the fuck you living that you got THAT many rats just roaming free???
D :
I saw a rat without having one leg of its right side of foot af😂😂
Desmond Moore
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Sunshine Wong
nah he put those mice,cuz mouse dont travel like that a horde.
Marcos Santana Santos
10:31 the Rebel
Wilbur The Hedgehog
Then you fill the tank with water
Mister Em
The beste mouse trap is to clean your home!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are rats by the way, not mouses.
7:20 poor mouse is hurt. and is limping
Anthony Thomas
Throw the whole house away🤣😂
Mr Blue
Oddly satisfying to watch.
Coolcash MVP
Khang vc
Mouse trap with fishing net
shane lauer
*Now start the fng fire!*
shane lauer
6:41-Why are you guys doing that dumb sh?
shane lauer
Can you build something for me and I pay you for it please? I put a bucket with a paper towel roll but it’s not working.
Ashley Jeni
this shit is funny af when you’re high. i’m in tears 😭 😂😂
Supratim Das Saikat
Its a mouse aquarium... 😂😂😂
where ever you live, if you got that much of a mouse problem, retreat and nuke em. LOL
James Muhammad
That's a rat amusement ride!
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Mouse Trap / Rat Trap / Easy New type of mouse trap / how to make 1 day ago   13:18

I Use PVC Water PiPe Make A Mouse Trap With Wood . Easy saving a Stupid Mouse
Mouse Trap / Rat Trap / Easy Saving Mouse / How to make A Mouse Trap With PVC Water PiPe
Stupid Mouse Trap / Stupid Mouse / Easy Mouse/Rat Trap/ The Rolling Log Mouse Trap In Action
Mouse pointer catches five mice easily, Every day I make a new video clip on the best way to catch the mouse.
A way to trap a simple mouse without scaring or hurting them,After catching the mouse we take away our whereabouts so that the mice are free
New Mouse/Rat Trap Videos Every Monday .Best Homemade Mouse Traps Ever.How To Make a Rat Trap
As you recognize, rats board teams and like to measure next to individuals to search out food and a secure home, particularly in extremely inhabited areas. Rats will eat your food, cause severe injury, and transmit diseases. Let’s speak however you'll build a rat lure.
A lot of individuals ar suspicious of whether or not home rat traps can very work or not. Anyway, the truth of the case is that if you create them properly. conjointly place them within the right areas of your home wherever there's high population of rodents. it's generally unclear why originally designed gnawing animal traps might not work to rid of you of rats whereas do-it-yourself ones can work with success, however it happens.
There ar numerous strategies on the market for those who wish to grasp the way to get eliminate rats, however if you choose to create a perfect home rat lure with the assistance of materials at hand, use any of the subsequent methods:
Used my Gopro to undertake and capture this inventive mouse entice attend work
How to Kill Mice on Glue Traps
Peel off the top film carefully and place the glue trap in a spot that the mouse is sure to go over or through. Droppings will give you an idea of the mouse's normal routes. ...
Add the bait. A small piece of cheese works fine. ...
If a mouse is caught alive, it can be a shock. ...
Remove the trap with the mouse carcass.


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