New type of mouse trap / how to make Ultimate Rat Trap 7200 Volts 2 days ago   11:55

mouse channel
New type of mouse trap / how to make mousetrap / mousetrap with scrap.
- Note the video focuses on mouse trap research.
- Action in video does not cause danger or injury to people and animals.
- You can give comments under the comment section.
- Thank you.!

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mouse channel
Mouse trap video invite you to
شمس وقمر وسما
في حد عربي هنا
Sato Araki
Ai từ anh taca studio qua đây dơ tay =)))
Faku abeldaño
La rata Ben Y Socrates
Andres O'Neill
10:08 La propia Rata Ninja.
alif daniel
great, now i can catch my turtle
Nelson Lopena
the rats in here was big size like a cat
Manh Tran van
K chat Phát nao
مؤيد علي
انا ايش جابني هنا
Dương Tuấn
Good video, i'm from viet nam
OneLee Official
Đào Trần Vũ
Tuyệt vời
Rose Merry
I was barracking fot the mice
جواد جواد
اكو عرب بلطيارة ههه
I'm Japanese. That's very funny !! Thanks. コメント欄に日本人がいないみたいなので記念にコメント残します。面白い動画をありがとう。
martha cosworth
thats what i call the last meal
Huỳnh Minh Phúc
Việt Nam số 1 🥇
Sindo Kazuya
iCan Mind Official
Wooh ! A very powerful way
Rohit Kumar Swami
After trap how we release them.
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Ultimate Rat Trap 7200 Volts New type of mouse trap / how to make 2 days ago   01:12

After Several Attempts at Live and Snap Trapping Rats eating the food in my Layer Hen House, I Stepped up to the plate and ended our game. Now I don't have Rats Crawling over the Eggs and eating the Chicken food.

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