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Overrun by African criminal gangs, its streets filled with violence, terror and menace - that's how some local media and politicians are depicting the Australian city of Melbourne.

For more than two years, there have been reports that Melbourne is in the grip of a crime wave, with the finger of blame pointed directly at African street gangs.

"We need to call it for what it is. Of course, this is African gang violence ... people are scared to go out to restaurants of a night-time because they're followed home by these gangs," said Peter Dutton, Federal Home Affairs Minister.

Images of brawling Sudanese teens and hooded armed robbers have spread terror and stoked a growing anger towards those "of African appearance".

"They do all these criminal acts and you see on the news that they get away with it. Why do they get away with it?" says one resident.

It's generating heated debate and social tensions - police are being accused of political correctness and inaction while the Sudanese community feels under siege.

"You get stared at. Imagine someone's looking through you or looking ... someone's eyes are just burning into the side of your head. That's what it feels like," says a young Sudanese man.

But how accurate is the so-called "threat"?

101 East investigates the claims and counterclaims to unearth the truth behind the headlines of Australia's African crime wave.

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*I wonder why Africans and African Americans don't stereotype White people because of what happened with slavery and colonialism like the "nice white lady" whose husband chased two African kids out of their home.*
JEN ab
Not ever black people is like that plz am sorry for what happened to your family but don't judge a book by the cover ameen good bless uz
Shirley Moore
Australians need to arm themselves!
The j3wish orchestrated kalergi plan
John S
Deport every single one of those animals back to Africa!!!!
So, when there's no oppression, blacks create the very environment for their own oppression so they can become oppressed? Interesting.
Simon K.F. Ng
those committed crimes sent back home .....
pa pa smith
will only get worst


Edward Smith
The family that had their door kicked in and their Audi taken should have had a gun. Something like that happens in America. Most of the time, the thugs get carried out in body bags.
Johann Vorster
I am from South-Africa. I have the same Question. How can these African perons end up in Australia. I am a qualified electrician in South-Africa and cant get into Australia. But welcome to reality. If you think this is bad, came to South-Africa and see for yourself what is going on here. My sugestion is get those Africans out of Australia, because one day they will take over your country. Wake up.
Cary Eggertson
6:55 why is the guy on the right wearing rubber gloves?
Send them to the Sahara Desert
They take a flight here then they act like they are slaves and cant leave
I bet if they were any other race they would get deported but they are to scared to deport them because retards will say its racism
They also started a genre of music that consists of guns, killing, raping, stealing and stuff like that
Africans are like diseases they ruin everywhere they go
Name one black/brown country that is good and one black/brown neighbourhood that is safe
laga ndum
Folks if these are Sudanese Africans then let's call it that. Why should 52 other African nationalities suffer a stereotype because of the actions of one nationality. I can tell you that the Nigerians that get into Australia are educated and hard working and don't take their being there for granted.
Romilda Services
wow...... is this the USA? the lady who says she cant see black people because it triggers her? wow.
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Japan's Most Violent Biker 🇦🇺 Australia's African Gangs 2 days ago   33:14

Japanese motorcycle gangs have wreaked havoc since the 1970s. Known as Bosozuku, these gangs have a violent history, raging war against rival crews and cops. Gang members roamed the highways, sometimes hundreds at a time, with an array of brutal weaponry, customized bikes, and distinct crew jumpsuits. Being part of one of these motorcycle gangs was a frantic lifestyle, one that could easily lead to grievous bodily harm, and death.

Youth were recruited from their early teens to join the gangs under the mentorship of an elder. It was of utmost importance to protect the reputation of the gang, to never run from a fight, even when grossly outnumbered.

In recent years, with strict laws and police cracking down, Bosozoku have become nearly extinct. Yet for those who were a part of the subculture during its heyday, Bosozoku will always provide a fond memory of the recklessness of youth.

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