Charles & Shaq EXCITED Lakers LaVar Ball claims Lonzo 2 days ago   10:16

Charles & Shaq EXCITED Lakers beat Celtics 129-128 at the last second by Rajon Rondo; LeBron 28-pt,12-reb,12-ast triple-double | INSIDE THE NBA
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Chewbacca Flocka Flame
Masonic MK Ultra ass bitch
I firmly believe the Lakers are better on offense playing freelance and player coached by LeBron and Rondo rather than running plays by luke Walton, Their chemistry is way better. Their defense is abysmal accredited to Luke Walton.
Coach Hallal
Some people like to work chuck!
Lazy ass!
J Wesley Knight
Way to Go Lakers!
Anthony Mckinley
Every team Rondo been on and played, been to the playoffs
Mihajlo Novakovic
Kenny talking about players like he legend....
Tariro Mkondo
Surprisingly AC has something to do with the gas. Shaq u just got Dunked over 🤣
Lewis Clarke
That analogy was actually tight 🤷😅
Junrel Ellazar
lakers should sign MJ to win a championships
John Brown
I’m a truck driver and I agree with Shaq. Although Kenny has a point it’s a psychological analogy
Shion Francois
Rondo has been a key factor to the Lakers success with Lebron.
Connie B
I’m old, old school Lakers. So Sweet. Reminds me of Magic and Kareem walking into the old Garden. The curse. Jerry West couldn’t set foot in there after his playing days. Bill Russell , The Jones boys, Cousy , then Havelichk, then Bird and Parish and vs. Judas Kyrie...Rondo vs. blood guts Rondo... nothing but the bottom of the net....f you Ainge and Celtics....for us old time Lakers it!🌈👏🏾🥳 y’all made my season...I’m good....thank you Lakers! I love LA!
These 4 really do banter like they're on the playground... some good chemistry
I wish we could trade Lebron or he quits before his four years is up. The guy makes things difficult for teams he messes up everything!
kuzma is a bum and a bust.. fuck him... greg odden all over again. kuzma likes more social media than basketball.. trade that pussy.. kuzma what a choker what a loser lmao.
Noah Murillo
Breaking News Lebron Trades himself for AD
Lance and Javale both have a great game too....
Ibra Pasha
I agree with Shaq "i'll never trade Kyle Kuzma anybody else could go". I think Kuzma if he stays healthy is going to continue to improve every year n is gonna start ball'n on every 1
JR Smith should start taking notes
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LaVar Ball claims Lonzo Charles & Shaq EXCITED Lakers 2 days ago   11:40

LaVar Ball joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers. LaVar stuns Shannon after claiming Lonzo Ball is better than King James. Plus, hear why LaVar believes Luke Walton is the 'worst coach' for the Lakers.

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LaVar Ball claims Lonzo is better than LeBron, talks Luke Walton on the hot seat | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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