How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant The FDA and the vaping "epidemic" 2 days ago   10:20

Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e-cigarette market. In the past year, sales have skyrocketed nearly 800 percent and Juul is now valued at more than $15 billion. But the company faces lawsuits and FDA regulation, and its popularity among teens could threaten its future. CNBC gets a rare look inside Juul Labs and talks to the founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, to hear how the company is facing its challenges while trying to eliminate cigarettes from the face of the Earth.

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How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant | CNBC

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austin gae
I'm pretty sure that people know what they're getting into. Just let them be.
Le commentateur
wesh aloors
Jake Malin
6 months later it’s still very bad
Cigarettes were falling out of fashion and these two thought how can we rebrand it and make it cool again. really sneaky vicious SOBs. but genius nonetheless.
Turn Banz
Juuls are popular at my middle school I know 12 year olds that do it and I’m in the 6th grade.
Llama Prince
bruh most of the people that juul are kids😂
Ketric Cooley
CNBC, Nice job advertising big Tobacco.
Christopher Reyes
The answer is teenagers
I used to smoke, thanks to ecigs I was able to quit after 28 years . Now I vape 0 % nicotine just for fun and love to blow vapor. However, my lack of attention or whatever the reason is I never heard about Juul until the last days with all this controversy on the news and FDA. Interesting product. Juul should have 0% nicotine. Have better ways to verify identity and age, like credit bureau, etc. Higher penalties to adults buying Juul, ecigs or cigarettes to minors. I mean why attack Juul, the issue is nicotine? Liquids without. Same things happens to flavored alcohol, to make more people alcoholics and no one says anything. Marihuana is legal, I ask my nephew (HS) about the Juul , he didn’t know or has seen any of his classmates Juuling, however he admitted some of them are weed smokers, minors,,but fda doesn’t says anything about weed!

In other words, all these products are meant to be used by adults, if they are reaching minors, is because system of age verification or enforcement failure, and means if a minor can buy a Juul, probably they can buy alcohol or cigarettes too...scary
Minors obey the laws, don’t use them or wait until you have legal age please.
Parents, pay attention about where your teens are, how much allowance you are giving them. Education and preparation. Don’t blame Juul, is lack of communication with your teens
Some people or companies are jealous or scared about this new company that manufactures Juul because is stealing business from older companies, reducing smoking rates and growing pretty fast and that’s ok, just enforce age verification and make low or zero nicotine liquid

But e-cigarettes are for current smokers and have helped millions to quit, including myself. Thanks Ecigs
Do you guys smoke sausages together as well?
Hey popcorn long lets go Wooooooo

This is a joke
you know what's funny i work in the food industry, if our product was found to kill 1 person i would go to jail, we live in a society where bread is seen as evil and vaping and smoking cannabis is healthy for you, did the world go into some weird alternate reality when Trump won?
Spectral YT
I just lost my juul
Lester Hartman
JUUL is a joke it is meant for kids and they are the predominate users who NEVER smoked. Greed is such a"wonderful" thing. I am a pediatric who sees the jUUL germ infect high schoolers and middle schoolers.
I was addicted to cigarettes, but thanks to heroin I’m no longer a smoker!
John Steve
Bro nobody has even seen a less nicotine juul pod tf only more
John Steve
So many people not inhaling the juul in this vid
John Steve
Without mango pods on the market the only people hitting these are those extremely addicted and those who like the mint flavor
Vedant kale
I just knew you would go into the tobacco bashing rant. You are CNBC, we expect different kind of content from you. Tell me about the founding, the business, how they grew, the issues they are facing, their prospects etc. Rather you made a typical, extremely repetitive agenda of anti-smoking.
Underage smoking is something that has to be tackled separately from juul. That's a failure of enforcement. Fads die, and that will help, but taking things away from adults, and telling them what they can or cant have is abhorrent. There are too many things on that list already. Don't let there be another one.
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The FDA and the vaping "epidemic" How Juul Became A $15 Billion Giant 2 days ago   11:40

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