Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer 2 days ago   02:12

Star Wars
The story of a generation comes to an end. Watch the D23 Special Look for Star Wars: #TheRiseofSkywalker. See the film in theaters on December 20.

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1:20 It seems that the Resistance is reusing the more useful OG starfighters.
video ends at 0:54
The Way
Guess who else used double bladed lightsabers that flip out like that, no not darth maul, Im talking about general krell. Yeah remember that guy
Soham Sharma
People are complaining about how Disney ruined star wars. Also saying they won't watch, mind you, the *last* movie in one of the greatest sagas ever made. That, and I can bet my life they are gonna watch it. Say it, but everyone is secretly hoping for this to be good.
Light Morningstar
I want to see the Eclipse II ghost ship it..
Max Power
Like anyone cares anymore
The prequels are leagues better than the Disney sequels. CHANGE MY MIND!
Landmassreb piratemaster23
Why did Disney ruin my childhood by not using the scripts Lucas sent them
hans merker
Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Bakwan Sehat
This is the last star wars episode?
I hate Star Wars because of Disney
They make such good trailers but the movie ends up being bad. TLJ had great trailers but we all know how poorly that movie was received.
Danny Devil
Gatoman 1
por fin canon :3
So Star Wars is about a family named skywalker messing up the whole universe?
Christian Euceda
1:41 - 1:44 Darth Vader Respiration, is that a Coincidence?
What's the first theme that plays? Yoda's but reworked?
Everyone’s talking about the reveal of darth threepio.... but have you ever heard of the tradegy of darth jarjar the wise?
Alt Lexington
Rey becomming a Sith and all out evil.... Yes, so Yes. That will be the best way for this story to go, and Fin at her side all the way stupidly loyal, and him regreting all of it at the same time.
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Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker 2 days ago   10:59

Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs. Dark Rey Scene Explained, Emperor Palpatine Returns, Kylo Ren Rey Scene and Luke Skywalker ►
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Covering new Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer Rise of Skywalker Easter Eggs and Breakdown. Dark Rey Scene Explained, Kylo Ren and Rey vs Emperor Palpatine. Star Wars Skywalker Movies Ending, The Mandalorian Trailer and Episodes, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker Cameo Scene Theory and Darth Vader Easter Eggs.

There will be more Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer videos dropping starting in October and around The Mandalorian Episodes on Disney Plus too!

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