Living Off The Grid With NO POWER How to have a home with no house 2 days ago   14:25

Here is my off the grid solar power storage consisting of tracking solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and much more!

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P Shinneman
how much did this set up cost you?
Turtle Dortoka
Off grid with generators?🤦‍♂️
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So you're paying for diesel and not for power? Interesting.
Maybe you should include some gas generator engine.
No power bill but a big gas bill, it is even worth it?
Refuso Againo
Very impressive, put this guy on the bus. Already Americans are suffering their unpreparedness for storm damage, and it's going to get worse. Some disaster victims will be on their own for a while, or others will go somewhere safer and have to set up a mini-grid. Who can do all those things, especially the electrical design work? Not your average doctor or accountant. Lawyers? No chance. Politicians? They wouldn't dare show their faces.
Father Time
My electric bill is only $55 bucks a month.?
John Flores
What is the amortized cost of the system over 15 or 20 years?
Isaac Westawski
Its great because your excess energy pays for itself. The power company will actually pay you if you give energy. But you have to know how to give them however much you want. Like say 20% you have to set up your wiring to feed into the lines and just use the lines as a bleed off to cut the voltage of your batteries to a certain level. Like normally its 12, just cut it to 10 to give them 2 volts and it will also keep your batteries from overcharging. So you dont waste any energy your system produces. I would still use the pwm just in case though. Also you have to have a system to check the phase of the lines, and keep your inverter in phase.

Also dont forget to make sure you run it through your meter. Because then they can count it. Dont put it through the part that counts use though (input). Connect it to the output.
Jonas Carlsson
Convert voltage to amperage?
The bus bars looked a bit scary...
Richard Reddering
"No power bill" ...and the new solar panels every some years and new batteries every some years are totally free. pfff.....
Kevin Nguyen
Added to my bucket list.
Sho Yu Weeni
How hot does that inverter get say at night time when you've got tv, lights, cooking dinner, etc.
Drew Paschal
You could replace those batteries with some of the used medical batteries by Valence. They last about 30 years and you wouldn't have all the maintenence involved with checking the electrolyte. Batteries are 40Ah and are less than $100 each.
KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr
Awesome Setup Buddy
Clint Chapman
Very nice setup!
Billder Inbaja
That is a really impressive solar system design. Most people would not have the ability to design or install such a system, and wouldn't have the discipline to maintain it (lead acid = low cost but high maint). Being a basic electrical-bonehead, for my offgrid home I'm going to simplicity and reliability, and probably not a lot of difference in cost... 2 or 3 x Tesla Powerwall 2... all self contained for charge balance, charge control, smart charge, inverter... super easy installation, super compact (small footprint), and aesthetically very nice looking... 10 year warranty on the batteries and maintenance free!!!... I will buy new solar panels designed to operate best at Lat26, marine desert environment (Baja Sur, MX). Wish me luck!
David Mercer
Very impressive work, hate to see the price tag. But you have to take care of your people no matter the cost.
Alien On a Bike
Wow! I'm impressed!
Tony Johnson
have you ever thought of making a solar dryer? Seal up the bottom of the dryer the run about a 6-inch metal pipe on the roof. About 50 feet and seal is so no water can get in it, Then paint it black and unhook the heating element. if you're a homeowner you can do the same run the 6 inch pipe in the attic and filter it. attics here in Florida are around 150 degrees in the heat of the day. Long runs may need a booster fan.
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How to have a home with no house Living Off The Grid With NO POWER 2 days ago   07:35

How to have a home with no house payments and no monthly utility bills!

This is an introduction to simple solar homesteading that provides information on how to find cheap land, build an inexpensive home, and use solar power to eliminate monthly utility bills.

What would you do if you had no house payment and no monthly utility bills ?

Well watch the video and I will show you how it is done easily and with very little money

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