Reactions to iPhone 11 Pro/Apple Watch Is the Apple Watch Series 5 worth 1 day ago   13:09

Brian Tong
It’s all my reactions to the everything Apple announced at their September event. Who’s getting Good or Bad Apples between the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series5 and new 10.2-inch iPad? Plus the official release date and pricing for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

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Josh M
You are not funny at all
Fun video Bryan, thank you. My bad apple is how much Apple is offering for our 11 month old devices!!! I paid £400 for the Apple Watch series 4, they offered £60 as trade-in. Are they kidding us??? And for the iPhone XS Max 256GB which I paid £1,250.00, £450 trade-in. Excuse me!!! Good apple, leather loop straps were reduced from £149 to £99, and about time. Thanks again for the video.
Which one are you getting?
Daryl Moulder
I guess they were trying to create a must 'See' show :) Re Aquaman, I sea what you did there.....
Vaughn Felix
Good apple Everyone has one No one has a pixel
Diego Lopez
Great video, I wish Apple could deliver more than just upgrading their cameras and software
Apple is full of shit lol
Gregory Errol
Couldn't get past the "comedy" routine at the opening.
William S
Quality review!
William Su
When the event happened my reaction was just to close the tab and move on ~
Love the channel my dude. Keep the info, and laughs coming. I’m getting the space gray pro max. 256
koy pond
You're kind of hot, but what's up with your funky t-shirts and that necklace. I bet you have a juicy Apple. Please no shirt on you next vlog, otherwise Thumbs down.
Keiji Johnson
There’s a lot of things that tempt me to want to upgrade to the 11 Pro: That display, the camera the improved battery life, that Midnight Green color (surprisingly) and especially the improvements in speed and graphics. All that topped with that improved OLED HDR screen are more than enough for me to upgrade. And there is NO WAY IN HECK am I going follow what you say and to wait another year for the 2020 iPhone just because of some rumors y’all have been going with! As someone that has had a 6 Plus that’s been becoming more aggravating as the months go on, I’m sure as heck willing to go with this one!
Guy Larsen
I tried to like your channel, too many corny jokes. I’m out.
2020: iPhone 11 pro S and pro S max plus
There’s no innovations at apple
Silver Honda
lol I-shave and I-stove ☺️
Emi Garcia
I ordered iphone 11 pro 512gb gold
Andrew Chen
Start 64g was stupid
Tom Byrne
Not funny for Apple fan, the rest funny
Aloysius Thames
So what I’m hearing is to not waste my money on buying an iPhone, because despite being very inclined to leaving Apple, I was quite close to jumping from the iPhone 8 from two years ago to the Pro Max because something about the advertising made me feel like I needed it? Or perhaps it was the army green colour? 🤔 I guess it’s back to buying sensible this year, thanks Brian T
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Is the Apple Watch Series 5 worth Reactions to iPhone 11 Pro/Apple Watch 1 day ago   09:32

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